In 1995 Under Armour was founded by Kevin Plank. As a football player at the University of Maryland, the founder of this brand always used to find himself sweaty and heavy because of the cotton tees. 

After graduating the football player started to notice how synthetic material is so lightweight and won’t get heavy with sweat. The guy started working on it from his grandmother’s house and also tested the products on his former teammates. 

To kick start the brand we all know now, the owner started investing in it. And the fun fact is it actually took a year for the sales to really take off and then the brand started giving some profit. 

While making a product for the public you may think that your perspective is the most important one, but that is not entirely true. You need to deliver what your audience wants. 

In the beginning, the consumers of Under Armour used to ask whether the shirts were available in full sleeves or are also available for the winter season?

But at the time when these questions were being asked, the brand did not really make any diverse kinds of products. 

And now with time people who just love activewear and athletes rely on this brand that has an incredible quality of clothing for all seasons. The brand has been producing a variety of clothing for sports and was quick enough to make competitors like Adidas and Nike. 

Branding of a product really matters a lot and that’s what Under Armour took care of with its growth. Amazing branding and quality clothing have made this brand rise to the top in the sports apparel game. 

Although the brand was built on moisture-wicking shirts and different designs, now Under Armour offers you a wide variety of clothes for all seasons and types. From outdoors warm and harsh climates to cold-weather essentials, the sports gear brand has got you covered. 

 You can also find your everyday casual tees and jackets to rock on a daily basis. But the main part and essence of the brand still remains in providing clothing for the athletes and constantly pushing to make the pants, tees and sports gear lighter, comfortable, and stronger every single day.

Under Armour is one of the big examples of how big success stories can be made in a short period of time as compared to other brands doing it for decades. Consumer take on how the clothing should be is still to this date taken into consideration to keep the success flow going for the brand. 

Is Under Armour A Luxury Brand?

Well, the brand is expensive for sure and has risen to the top very quickly as compared to many other brands. 

Why do people still keep on going for Under Armour even though it is pricey? It is because of the amazing quality and the variety you get here. 

The brand is an entry-level luxury brand and has been giving you durability with variety for both men and women. There are other retailers across the globe that sell Under Armour products. 

You can get discounted prices on them if it’s a holiday season or even by using a promo code online. People who are big sportswear enthusiasts know how to get their hands on the affordable lot here at Under Armour. 

Every fashion and apparel brand has factory outlets and stores where products are available at discounted rates. The hoodie for men here originally is priced at 65 dollars but at factory outlets, you can get it for 19 dollars. 

These factory outlets are available nationwide and even the other retailers give out discounts on the products from time to time. 

Is Under Armour An Expensive Brand?

Well, most definitely the brand is expensive and luxurious looking with all the variety. But if you are a die-hard fan of it, you can have your way around by going to factory outlets and getting the same expensive shirt for a much-discounted price. 

Is Under Armour More Expensive Than Nike?

Under Armour and Nike are on the same level when it comes to quality. Both have high prices and great collections to offer to their consumers.

It is actually about personal preference, to be honest. 

You definitely get a more sports gear inclined collection at Under Armour. So if you are a fan, might as well keep up with the new launches from time to time!

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