Under Armour has been around for almost 26 years now and people are still in love with the brand. The rise of this athleisure brand is such a heroic and glorified story that it is definitely an inspiration for many out there.

Along with inspiring millions of people, the brand was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank and ever since it has been proving itself as the innovative sports brand it has always been.  

You often see your favourite football player going on and on about the game and delivering the best. But what is not so best about such games is the sweat-soaked shirts that are just plain nasty and even the players despise them for a good logical reason. 

Coming up with a brand that would show such athletes and players a different way about these sweaty shirts was the main goal of Kevin Plank. The idea of it turned into a reality when Kevin Plank created shirts with microfiber technology which made the entire experience for the consumers cool and comfortable.

These shifts were supposed to dry out all the sweat and make it feel cool instead during scorching summers. Now, this is how Under Armour became immensely popular in the field of sports most importantly and so the success journey began.

History Of Under Armour

Plank wanted to design shirts that would simply take away the moisture and would feel light and breezy at the same time. In 1996, the founder of this brand started in his grandma’s basement and also the trunk of his car.

He was also a university student at the time and was a big fan and part of sports as well on the university level. The brand made its first big sale when it sold shirts to a team for 17,000 dollars. 

At the time he was calling his brand Armour only spelt as Armor because this name was available and was told free as well. Today, however, the brand is a well-known one in many parts of the world and a go-to option for many sports figures.

Now the collection of clothing is not just limited to moisture-wicking shirts but there is an extensive range of clothes and other accessories that are a must-have. You can buy shirts for summer and winter as well and other than athleisure there are simple shirts, sports accessories, and shoes available as well. 

The brand to this date tries to push its creative boundaries and you can get almost everything you look for even if it is a morning jog. From pants to cleats and some stronger and firm joggers, you get a pretty good selection to choose from.

What Does Under Armour Slogan Means?

The slogan of this active athletic brand is “I Will” which if you think about sounds very simple and honestly vague to many. But the simplicity of it is where the charm of inspiration lies. 

The logo on the other hand has a very simplistic design and it has got the initials of Under Armour. The simple it is the more unique it looks when you see it on a cap or a shirt from this brand.

The popularity of this logo is still considered powerful and is one of the factors why the sales go up now and then. But most importantly the success rate of this brand is dependent on the functionality of the clothing here.

Because when you are in the clothing business aesthetic appeal is important but if it is not working for any body type that much and is not diverse, such brands don’t last long. 

Under Armour’s Marketing Image

Other than the fact the clothes here are loved by all and are top-notch when it comes to quality, the brand is also famous for its great style of marketing the products as well. 

Other than aiming for just celebrities you can see many famous sports personalities and athletes becoming the face of the brand. For example Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Curry, Lindsey Vonn, and none other than Saul Canelo Alvarez.

The brand has been impactful in so many ways and it goes beyond American football and other sports. The English Premier League, that first one too, had their kits made by none other than Under Armour. 

The brand is also known for making kits and other essentials for Welsh Rugby Union and now has even expanded into the Asian market. 

Is Under Armour Still Popular?

There are many brands out there that are competitors of this brand like Nike and Adidas. Now, these are high-profile brands as well and the prices are almost the same as Under Armour.

For some, Under Armour has lost touch a bit ever since the pandemic happened and hit every brand out there as well. The brand did experience low sales and some losses during this struggling time.

This brand was the victim of how the global supply chain was affected amid pandemics and with lockdowns happening in China especially. The stocks here also fell and even after profit guidance the sales were way lower than what Wall Street had anticipated.

The brand is trying to get back on its feet in a new and refreshing way this time. Not that the loss was so drastic and nearly sunk the brand but the hit was serious. 

So if you want to still check out the new launch happening this season at Under Armour, do go to the stores and online website of the brand and you might even get some exclusive offers. 

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