Ulysse Nardin is a premium watch brand that was founded in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland. This brand is without a doubt the finest brand that you could find in the market. 

The brand is now owned by Kering Group and has been continuously providing timepieces that are a testament to technological advancements. This watch brand has been known to have founded many innovative designs that are now common. 

The watch brand was manufacturing marine chronometers for the US Naval Observatory in the year 1906 and also for others around the globe. Till the mid of the twentieth century, the brand kept on going with the innovations. 

Nardin also came up with a trilogy of astrological timepieces. These watches contain highly unusual sonneries, repeaters, and automatons. This brand continues to inspire the public with rich historical designs with contemporary innovations. 

Very early on Nardin mastered the craft of miniaturizing many components and so it started manufacturing small chronometers that had great mobility on board ships. The brand was mainly known to provide watches with small chronometers to the military.

That is how this premium watch brand dominated the world with its innovative design and it became part of its rich legacy. Later on, this became a part of it and it started manufacturing watches with US Navy engraved on the case backs. 

Another innovation happened when this brand introduced split-second pocket watches in the 1930s. This chronograph was able to measure a tenth of a second and this made this brand win numerous awards for its chronograph watches. 

Unlike other watch brands that you see nowadays, this brand has definitely been very inventive ever since its inception. The innovator brand has a lot of horological watches to its credit. 

Among many of the ones that stood out was the Pulsometer which was a chronograph with a single button. There is also this GMT Perpetual that actually incorporated multiple features. 

Since there were many innovative watches released by the brand every season some of them really are a statement like Minute Repeater, Sonata, Hour Strike, and the most famous one the Freak.

Most wristwatches are complicated some of these have minute repeaters, some with tourbillons, and many other complications. As the innovations were being made, every new design was a better version of the last and some included previous blends with new ones. 

The premium watch brand is known to experiment a lot and has had bad reviews too at times. But watch enthusiasts even in those times believed in it and it came up with something new and worthwhile for the next launch. 

Is Ulysse Nardin A Luxury Brand?

Most certainly this one is a luxury brand. Not only because of its huge collection but it was also considered a luxury watch brand for introducing innovation with every single launch. 

This brand is in the tenth position for being the most luxurious and expensive watch brand among all the twenty-six brands in the whole world. The most affordable watch on the list costs around 6500 dollars which is not something a regular person with a regular income can afford that easily. 

These watches are a real testament to class, rich heritage, and innovative technology but they are very pricey to even begin with. 

Unless you’re a fan and from a loyal fan base, you don’t have to go for it. 

Is Ulysse Nardin Worth Buying?

Yes if you are a patriot living in the States and have some extra cash lying around then definitely this brand is for you. But in all honesty, you can get affordable prices on mediocre brands.

Wrist watches have always been a huge luxury item and brands like Ulysse Nardin are here to provide the entire experience of luxury you are looking for in a wrist watch. 

Is Ulysse Nardin Better Than Omega?

Honestly, it depends on which one you like the best. If you are into a perfect finish and the best solid piece of watch then getting Ulysse Nardin is the best pick to go with. 

But for Omega lovers, smart design is everything so Omega takes points for a smart and trendy look. 

Unless you have thousands and thousands to spend then going for brands like Ulysse Nardin makes sense. People who are die-hard fans and can’t afford the first-hand thing can always go for the second-hand watches being sold by watch retailers.

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