Quite an unusual name but is definitely a popular one when it comes to quality shoes and outerwear for your wardrobe. UGG was founded in 1978 in Southern California for the very right reasons. 

The founder of the brand Brian Smith was all about the comfortable, breathable, and relaxed environment of the beaches here and so wanted the same for his brand. At first, the brand the owner started selling sheepskin boots and they were a massive success in the area among many. 

In the mid-1980s UGG became a brand that was all about the Southern California comfortable vibe. The hype of this one was created by the surf shops and many other shops down the coast. 

This was also the time when the brand gained popularity beyond the beach and had a successful way to big cities. UGG was the symbol of relaxation and was for the people who enjoyed sports and a positive active lifestyle. 

By the end of the 90s era, everyone and we mean everyone was all about the comfort of UGG casual footwear. Celebrities and noticeable names in fashion started taking notice of the brand and it became a statement soon. 

The brand then expanded to big city Chicago and was really out there and popular when Oprah mentioned that she is in love with her UGG boots. In the early 2000s, UGG also took the big game of New York fashion week and definitely was in the limelight. 

The sheepskin boots, clogs, slippers, and sandals by the brand were considered stylish, modern, chic, and the new way comfort and lifestyle should be for the fashion lovers. 

UGG also did a great job with the marketing and advertising since it got featured in Vogue magazine numerous times. The premium casual look became a thing thanks to UGG and this was being fueled by many famous and luxurious people. 

Other than the original designs, the brand also started to introduce new colors and designs in the sheepskin boots and sandals. Not just part of everyone’s wardrobe but also was a major part of runway shows and looks that celebs and Influencers put together. 

There was an increasing demand for the shoes by the brand and thus it opened many flagship stores all over the world. So with stores in Asia and Europe, UGG boots became a major trendsetter for people who wanted to have a chill vibe and relax while looking fashionable. 

Is UGG A Luxury Brand?

UGG is basically a very popular brand for shoes, especially among both men and women. Although it is considered an entry-level luxury brand that is still trying to enter the luxury market and be a part of it permanently. 

You can find a good pair of comfortable shoes here for 150 dollars easily and that would not be compromising any good quality levels at all. The brand aims to provide chic and fashionable looks that give you the perfect fit without you giving up your comfort levels at any point of the day. 

Do Celebrities Wear UGGS?

For any brand to become this popular, celebrities taking part in the process of it has a lot more to do than one might think. Everyone knew about UGG boots but it became a sensation when Oprah Winfrey vouched for them through her own personal experience. 

You can still see many celebrities rocking these shoes on the red carpet and not to mention, this brand has also been on the runway shows of New York fashion week. 

Did Louis Vuitton Collab With UGG?

Collaborators and the kind of collaborations can really determine the success levels of a brand and how well it may be received by the public. Louis Vuitton and UGG collaborated and came up with designer UGG boots. 

So if you buy these boots, you are actually going to have comfortable and breathable luxury footwear. 

Other than having some amazing shoes available along with other accessories and outerwear, you can always find some great reviews online other than on the brand’s website. 

The shoes have always been fashion forward which means that you would never find them dull or boring for the kind of boots you are used to seeing. 

And with the good quality and durability, these are going to last you way longer than you think without losing any shape or comfort level for your daily walks. 

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