Shopping for watches that last you for a long time and look good as well is not that difficult these days. But looking for a good watch brand does make a load of difference if you know the difference between good and mediocre quality. 

Hans Wildorf founded Tudor back in the year 1926 and the aim was to give a more diverse range of watches for both men and women.

Rolex was also founded by the same person and Tudor is actually a sister label of the company. 

This New venture happened years later when Rolex had already established good popularity among the public and the market as well. Tudor was here to be available as a more attainable option for the public and kind of at the lower end of the market. 

Ever since this brand was introduced, it has grown and has built its own exclusive identity as compared to Rolex.

Is it a good brand to go for watch shopping? Most definitely since its inception, Tudor has established itself as a strong brand and has grown steadily in the market. 

The idea of creating a sister brand of Rolex was to introduce an affordable alternative to high-end luxury watches that would still have the style and good quality people wish to go for. 

Buying a Rolex watch can be extremely expensive for some people, so Tudor is a brand that is categorized as semi-luxury in the market.

If you are a watch enthusiast, having to know the number of watch movements that power a watch is extremely important to know.

Mechanics used in watchmaking are crucial to know and especially if they are based on in-house movements. People would prefer watches that are made with in-house movements as compared to if it is sourced from outside. 

It says more about the quality of the watches by the brand which is preferred any day over some bling or overly hyped style. Sometimes companies outsource mechanics and movements from a third party to save the manufacturing cost. 

Unlike all these brands in the same market as Tudor, this Rolex sub-label manufactures watches with in-house movements. At first, this brand also used to follow the same pattern as others but in order to produce more and with the better quality it opted for in-house movements.

This decision immediately set this brand apart from all other watch brands in the market. Now the company proudly claims to produce quality watches with attainable prices. 

Throughout the years of this brand’s presence, it has launched many amazing collections of watches. For example, there is this Black Bay range which is one of the most popular collections of diving watches. 

This very collection contains characteristics that are linked to the history of Tudor like the domed dial and snowflake hands. Another popular Tudor watch collection is the North Flag range.

This collection is popular due to the retro designs of the watches and also for featuring the advanced in-house movements-based mechanics in it. Inspired by the Oyster Prince Timepieces were designed to be part of a British expedition to famous North Greenland. 

Heritage Chrono is also one of the iconic collections by this brand. The timepieces here were said to be the modern and contemporary version of the Tudor Monte Carlo Chronographs that were pretty hyped in the 1990s. 

Many of these collections showed innovation and new improved versions of the existing watch-making craft by the brand. There was continuous progress and success along with it seen as the collection came out and was well received by the market and public.

Is Tudor A Luxury Brand?

Since it is a sub-label of Rolex people would assume the prices to be higher but this line was created to make sure that everyone can have access to high-quality watches. 

This is a semi-luxury watch brand that uses high-quality materials without any high prices for the final product. The best thing about getting these watches is that they are a great value for your money. 

Unlike other watch brands, you get the guarantee that you would be getting a solid finish and a high-quality timepiece. You don’t feel the band slacking off or any rattle with the design that would wear quicker than you expected. 

With the solid and robust feel of the watch, you need to remember that this brand is backed by Rolex which is known to manufacture a premium line of watches.  

Is Tudor A Respected Brand?

Tudor is definitely a highly respected brand since you get good quality paired with incredibly attainable prices for each collection. 

The in-house movement is a strong ground for this brand that really sets the bar high for mediocre watch brands selling watches with high price tags. 

Is Tudor Good As Rolex?

Tudor, after all these years, has established a separate identity for itself. Rolex is definitely premium quality but Tudor is not bad to grab at the given price points. 

Be it the mechanism or the designs, you get good options at both ends and it basically depends on what you would prefer according to the budget given. 

Do Tudor Watches Hold Value?

It is a great brand for affordable watch shopping, but does it hold its value? Not so much.

It is like a one-time transaction and doesn’t really do well once you try to resell. 

Tudor has most certainly become a high-quality popular brand for watches in its own right. It has built itself over the years as a brand and now stands with an independent label tag that produces high-quality affordable timepieces. 

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