Tommy Hilfiger has been making waves in the fashion industry ever since 1985. It is known to be a high-end premium fashion brand. It doesn’t really focus on a specific category as you can find clothes and accessories from sports, fast fashion, designers, luxury pret, etc. 

Is Tommy Hilfiger A Designer & Luxury Brand?

Looking for a good quality designer brand? Well, you won’t be disappointed once you visit Tommy Hilfiger. The color palette on the clothes consists of the classic combination of red, blue, and white which is also a favorite among people. 

It is almost like if you are looking for a design or pattern from the 80s then with this combination you won’t be disappointed. With time this premium brand has expanded its color palette and you can also find some unique designs. 

The best part of their designer collection is that you get a trendy blend of west and east-coast sides. With a wide variety of clothes, you won’t be having a hard time finding the perfect fit. 

Along with this section, there is also a range of luxury collections available here from time to time. But we won’t call this brand a luxury brand in particular because it is accessible and there is nothing really exclusive about it. 

Tommy Hilfiger is a mid-range luxury brand that offers everyone premium clothing and accessories but is not a luxury brand. This brand is also popular for having an extensive collection of watches, shoes, and bags. 

Shoes here have a versatile look along with a long-term comfort that never goes out of style. Though many people prefer Adidas or Puma over these so they are known for having unique designs only. 

Is Tommy Hilfiger For The Rich?

Honestly, it depends on what you mean by rich. It could be the 1 percent of the population that always likes to feel exclusive or someone saving money to buy the one luxury item everyone is after. 

In the case of Tommy Hilfiger, if the exclusive people want to shop they can but so can a normal person once a month. Tommy Hilfiger is definitely for the ones that can afford the brand and is not for the rich only. 

It not being a luxury brand, you should also not expect new collections launching here every weekend. You can find products here ranging from low to high price points making it affordable for almost everyone in the neighborhood. 

Why Is Tommy Hilfiger Popular?

This brand has been around for decades now. There are so many reasons to love this American fashion brand for the premium and quality material, accessible to everyone, and not to mention patriotic. 

Yes, you read that right. Tommy Hilfiger is popular among people due to its classic American style. People wearing this brand want to feel and look fashionable but expensive at the same time. Many people just buy Tommy Hilfiger for the American feel and the cool style that comes with it. 

The blue, red, and white color scheme of the brand is the same as the American flag. Most people believe that the intention of the designers is to highlight the American heritage and culture through style and evergreen fashion. 

Not to mention there have been a lot of mainstream celebs that have been endorsing Tommy Hilfiger. Celebrities can actually make or break the entire brand image and if they are loved by millions then definitely it is a good marketing tactic. 

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel and has been the face of this American brand. Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger collection was a massive success among many people. 

People who are die-hard fans of celebs and idolize them would definitely buy anything they endorse or wear on the red carpet. 

When shopping for this brand’s clothes you can come across some knock-offs very easily. At Macy’s, you might even get a discounted Tommy Hilfiger shirt but it is definitely going to be a knock-off of low quality. 

This can happen to you at any local shop that sells this brand’s clothes. You might want to check out the website for the authentic stuff or the brand’s outlet too. 

Bottom line, Tommy Hilfiger is definitely a brand everyone feels like they can shop at if they feel like splurging. It is the best option if you want to look expensive and luxurious without having to spend that much money like at Chanel or LV. 

This not only gets you a good quality wardrobe but also the show factor you’ve been missing out on. 

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