First let’s get this one comment, quite an unusual name, out of the way that everyone has in their minds when they hear this brand’s name.

Theory is a footwear, clothing, and accessory brand that was founded in 1997. 

The brand has its headquarters situated in New York and was actually founded by the famous fashion moguls Ellie Tahari and Andrew Rosen.

In 2009 the brand was purchased by a Japanese company called Fast Retailing. 

The prominent factors that also made this brand popular are the casual visual and contemporary designs for both women’s and men’s clothing collections.

The brand is also known for its collaboration with Uniqlo and not to mention for having almost 500 stores. 

The casual wear brand is known for its contemporary and minimalist designs and patterns in the clothing and accessories section.

The brand especially specializes in casual but luxurious, elegant but trendy, and clean but simple n chic designs for the public.

If you are in the mood for something simple yet elegant and casual, Theory is just the right brand for you. As a brand, this label gives you a reminder daily that you can look fabulous and alluring while being casual on a daily basis. 

Clothes necessarily do not have to be uncomfortable or non-adjustable to fill in the sophistication part.

The high-quality fabrics and the appealing designs really make the brand stand out.

An effortless mix of different designs that makes sense and are trendy too is just the type of clothes you need if you need to update your wardrobe.

The stretch fabric that does not suffocate or make your moving uncomfortable is part of most of the collection you would see here.

Women’s pants are mostly populated by consumers due to the stretchy comfortable fabric that fits well and does not lose shape over time. 

The tailoring of every clothing item here is just impeccable and so is the overall construction and final outcome that is just right for your physique.

There is a wide range of sizes available that you can get so everyone can feel at ease while shopping.

 And fits are not just confined to the casual wear only but also your formal dresses, shirts, office wear, and or something fancy that you want to wear for your next special occasion. 

Structured, clean, and simple clothing can do wonders for people that no one can put a price on. It is all about looking your best while being comfortable and spending a day in breathable clothes. 

Is Theory A Luxury Brand?

Theory is definitely an expensive brand but we won’t call it a luxury brand at all when compared to the high-end brands.

Although the clothes here are not cheap at all and do cost a tad much due to the high-quality materials used in the clothing. 

The level of energy, time, and craftsmanship spent on these clothes is admirable and totally worth the price you would pay.

Even if the prices are a bit high you still get to enjoy it because of the material worth of it. 

Why Are Theory Clothes Expensive?

Once you buy clothes from here you have got to admit that the fabric feels nice and soft and that doesn’t happen that often.

With all kinds of clothes being produced by the brand, you can always pick and choose your favorites from the huge collection.

Is Theory A Designer Brand?

There is a talented team of designers working hard to deliver the best fabrics and accessories to the consumers every day and with each collection launch. 

What Is Theory Clothing Known For?

Theory clothing is known for its high-quality fabrics and accessories that are trendy and minimalist at their finest in the fashion world. 

You can always get the best of both worlds here once you decide to buy from the exquisite collection.

The high quality is for both men’s and women’s collections and there is a variety of styles for you to try on. 

You can afford Theory Clothing if you save up a bit and if you really feel like looking good in some good clothes.

The best part is that you can catch discounts and special offers on the website that happens on holidays. 

Once you visit the brand you do realize that every product here speaks for good quality and durability. So style it up now! 

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