Buying something from an online store is always risky. If you wish to stay safe from online scams, shop from reliable brands. 

If you see a website that makes you drool over its exciting deals, do not forget to research it.

A lot of brands have offers that are too good to be true. One such brand is Jackets Creator- an affordable, online jacket seller.

Let’s see whether the Jackets Creator is legit or just another scam. 


Jackets Creator is an online clothing brand selling leather jackets for men and women. 

The About Us page claims that the brand is an expert in its line of business.

From choosing the right fabric to cutting and sewing it to perfection- every article is crafted with meticulous attention. 

Jackets Creator is proud of its works and claims that whoever buys a jacket from its website becomes a loyal customer.

It further states that the brand truly cares about the shoppers and offers 24/7 customer service to them. 

Whatever your queries are, the brand’s representative will accommodate you. 

This is because Jackets Creator thinks that it’s every shopper’s right to be 100% satisfied with the products they are ordering.

The brand deals with genuine leather products but may also prepare your apparel with faux leather, skin sheep, and cowhide. 

It offers coats, hoodies, vests, and jackets for every season. One can also order jackets worn in famous movies like A Good Day To Die Hard Jai Courtney Leather Jacket.

The brand also gives you a chance to look like a superhero. They have a lot of superhero jackets ranging from Avengers Infinity War Spiderman Leather Jacket to Captain Marvel Talos Trench Coat.


A brand’s shipping and return policy reveals its true intentions.

Jackets Creator claims to ship worldwide free of cost, meaning they do not charge any shipping fee.

The company claims to use some of the best cargo services and ensures that once the payment is cleared, the article reaches you within 12-13 days.

If you want to receive your order sooner, you will have to pay a shipping fee of $25. With paid shipping, your order reaches you within 8 days.

The brand also says that although the headquarters are in the US, it has different shipping points. So, one must not worry about receiving a parcel from another country. 

Jackets Creator’s return and exchange policy are straightforward. 

It clearly states that in case of any issue with the quality of jackets, you must contact customer service within 3 days. Any complaints made after that will not be accepted. 

Choosing the wrong size and asking for a different one would cost $60. In case you want a refund, $50 will be charged as a refund fee. 

Lastly, the brand says that custom designs are neither refundable nor exchangeable. 

In our opinion, it is good that the company is not hiding any of its terms and conditions. 

It ensures that whatever the customer orders, he orders it willingly and can not complain later about the policies. 


Jackets Creator has an active Instagram and Twitter account.

The number of posts shows that the brand cares about building a good image amongst social media users. Their followers, however, tell a different story. 

The Instagram account has a little over 1500 followers, and the Twitter account is no better. 

Since most buyers judge a brand on how good they are doing on social media, Jackets Creator needs to up its game. 


Nothing tells more about the brand than the reviews from its buyers. 

Jackets Creator allows people to review the clothes on the website. Most jackets have five-star ratings. 

On trust pilot, however, the company has mixed reviews.

43% of the reviewers think that the brand is excellent, 6% find it great, and 51% had a bad experience.

One buyer wrote that he bought a Terminator M-65 punk jacket and is content with it. The quality is superb, and it fits him perfectly.

Another happy customer claimed that he had low expectations from Jackets Creator.

He still ordered a Witcher’s jacket and was happy with his purchase. 

One woman says that she loved the Lindsay Thornburg poncho worn by Kelly Reily and wanted one for herself.

Since the original jacket cost $1400, she got it custom-made from Jackets Creator. They sent her the exact copy, and she loved it. 

Now, let’s see what the unhappy customers say about the brand.

A Canadian customer claims the brand is a fraud. The jacket he ordered did not match the size chart.

When he complained, the representative asked him for $60 for a different size or $99 for custom measurements.

Another buyer wrote that the jacket he ordered looked nothing like it did in the pictures. The fabric had poor quality, and the size was too small for an adult.

One customer complained about the poor customer service. He wrote that the brand makes returning experience impossible by not giving clear instructions about shipping.


Jackets Creator has a high Tranco ranking, a valid SSL certificate, and a trust score of 100 on Scam Advisor.

The brand was created 4 years ago, and the domain name is registered till 2024. This means that, unlike scammers, the company aims to do business for a long time. 

This proves that Jacket Creator is a legit website. Shopping from them, however, is still quite risky because of the mixed reviews. 

You may get a good deal, but the likelihood of getting the wrong size or style is high. 

Plus, the company does not really offer full refunds. On top of that, you have to pay the return fee.

So, if you are not someone who likes to risk their money, we advise you to not order from Jackets Creator.


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