Supreme is unquestionably a luxury brand, even if its clothing is mostly targeted toward teenagers. They collaborate with well-known industry figures on a regular basis, delivering high-end items, and are an exclusive, sought-after label. Hence, it checks all of the ‘luxury’ boxes.

When you think of luxury clothes, supreme may come to mind. They sell extremely priced goods that are frequently flaunted by only the wealthiest celebrities and people.

What began as a little skating shop in New York has grown to become a major player in the fashion business. Supreme has consistently disturbed the entire market, forcing its way into the scene and amassing a fan base of millions.

Supreme now has twelve physical locations, including ones in London, Paris, and San Francisco, as well as six locations in Japan.

Surprisingly, Supreme performs better in Japan than in any other country, where it has developed a cult following. It distributes new products on a regular basis, and they are frequently covered with pop-cultural images and large, strong logos.

If you aren’t interested in Supreme for the status symbol, you will most likely be tempted by the label’s visual appeal. Of course, success spawns success, and Supreme apparel is worn by a number of celebrities on a regular basis.

As a result, Supreme gains more exposure, and all those impressionable young adults rush at the chance to possess something with the Supreme brand.

Is Supreme a Designer Brand?

Supreme is a name that everyone is familiar with. Even the old ones, who live in the furthest reaches of Surrey, have heard of Supreme.

It’s not any doubt that average folks have heard of Supreme. What Supreme represents, and why luxury labels should hitch their wagons to it is a topic worth thinking about. Supreme has unquestionably altered the face of streetwear.

An entire generation has been inspired by the transition from a skate brand to a mainstream street and luxury brand.

Supreme has grown from a little skateboarding label to a billion-dollar streetwear firm in 2021, making it one of the most expensive designer brands in the world.

Their items are valued for their uniqueness, image, and, ultimately, quality. People are willing to pay a premium for Supreme’s products, even though those premiums are frequently exorbitant.

A t-shirt will normally cost approximately forty dollars, while a sweater will cost between one and two hundred dollars.

Their designer Malle Courrier 90 Trunk is the most costly Supreme item on the market right now. The trunk was auctioned in 2017 and sold for $125,000 at Christie’s auction house.

Why Is Supreme Brand So Expensive?

‘Why is Supreme so expensive?’ is one of the most often asked questions in the fashion world at the moment. In fact, Supreme has become one of the world’s most costly labels.

Supreme’s cult-like following and status as one of the world’s most expensive brands are not coincidental.

Their most memorable design is their box logo, which was originally simply italic letters on a plain red background.

One of the main reasons for Supreme’s success is its ability to use appropriate pictures. Pop-cultural iconography and logos are plagiarized and altered in such a way that the designs resemble modern graffiti art rather than a fashion label.

Supreme has created apparel with popular slogans printed on it, allowing individuals to communicate with their clothes. Innovative styles and variations on the Supreme emblem can also be found on the brand’s merchandise.

They are constantly coming up with new designs to keep the product fresh. Despite the fact that Supreme is known for its high-quality items, the price of its products is excessive.

If the product is a collaboration with another brand, such as Louis Vuitton, the excitement is amplified. The more hype there is, the higher the demand and market price will be.

Many resellers see this as a chance to take advantage of individuals. However, the thing with Supreme these days is that a good portion of their merchandise can be found for less than retail and at a reasonable price. Only the most hyped-up things and logos have a ridiculously high resell price on aftermarket websites.

Is Supreme Owned By Louis Vuitton?

Supreme is owned by the VF Corporation as of November 2020 and has never been owned by LVMH.

The latter is a luxury fashion giant that also owns Louis Vuitton and focuses on high-end labels and brands.

Supreme’s only formal partnership with Louis Vuitton came in the form of a cease and desist letter in 2000 for its LV-inspired logo T-shirts, beanies, and skate decks.

As a result, they were compelled to issue a recall for the collection, albeit one that almost no buyers followed, after all, why would you return something simply because it got even cooler?

When those unique goods appear on sites like Grailed nowadays, they sell for more than authentic Louis Vuitton products.

After seventeen years, Louis Vuitton has not only cosigned Supreme, but has also partnered with the brand on a range of dual-branded clothing, accessories, shoes, and more, which premiered at LV’s Fall-Winter 2017 presentation in Paris.

Given the history of both brands and the sheer force of their respective emblems, this could be the century’s most hyped partnership.

In conclusion, Supreme has been able to establish itself for the past twenty-three years thanks to a marketing strategy that is based on the luxury industry. It is a luxury brand and its clothing is mostly targeted toward teenagers.

Because Supreme’s items are limited editions and highly sought after, resales can fetch up to 30 times the original price, making it one of the most expensive brands.

In addition, Supreme x Louis Vuitton was the brand’s most significant and well-known streetwear partnership. The Supreme x Wheaties T-shirts have quickly become two of the season’s most popular things, with both colors being among the top ten most resold goods from Spring/Summer 2021.

Lastly, Supreme is extremely pricey due to a variety of variables such as exclusivity, scarcity, resale, and collaborations with well-known fashion labels.


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