Shein is one of the most popular companies that sells affordable clothing.

Shein products are sold all around the world including in Europe, Australia, America, and the Middle East.

Every month almost 43.7 million customers from over 200 countries use Shein’s services, seems like a lot of people like wearing Shein clothing.


Do they sell high-quality clothes?

Are they true to size?

And how to find your perfect size with Shein?

These are a few questions that new customers might think of before ordering from Shein.

We’ll address all of these concerns in this article and provide you with further information about Shein clothing.

Read on to learn more about the company and maybe become a part of the Shein fan club.

Discovering “SHEIN”

The literal meaning of Shein is “sound of hope”, which itself is reassuring of their better quality and supreme customer service.

Shein was first given the name ZZKKO and then Sheinside.

Later, they changed the company’s name to just Shein to make it simpler and easier to find on social media.

Shein, although an online platform, has launched a few pop-up stores for their customers who prefer not to order online.

A marketing expert, Chris Xu, started this retail business to sell wedding dresses first, and then casual clothes for women subsequently.

Shein has also begun offering accessories like shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, purses, and many other items.

It is quite popular on social media apps such as on tik tok, YouTube, and Instagram.

People wear Shein clothing and promote them on these apps which results in the growth of Shein users.

SHEIN’s Product Lines

They feature a large selection of products in a wide array of styles, sizes, colours, and more.

Their product line includes:

Women’s Category

  • Tops (t.shirts, blouses, tops, cardigans, etc).
  • Dresses.
  • Bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants, jeans, leggings, etc).
  • Suits (jumpsuits, bodysuits, blazer sets etc).
  • Sweatshirts (hoodies, cropped, etc).
  • Maternity Sets.
  • Lingerie, Loungewear & Beachwear.
  • Accessories (shoes, bags, Jewellery, cosmetics, hair accessories etc).

Men’s Category

  • Tops (polo shirts, tanks, hoodies, jackets, suits, etc).
  • Bottoms (shorts, pants, sleep pants, jeans, etc).
  • Swimwear & Activewear.
  • Accessories (shoes, bags, glasses, belts, bracelets, etc).

Kids Category

  • Dresses.
  • T.shirts, pants, jeans, denim, skirts etc.
  • Swimwear, Partywear, Sweatshirts, Knitwear etc.
  • Jumpsuits, Knitwear, Loungewear etc.
  • Accessories (shoes, pillows, hair accessories, bibs, etc).

SHEIN’S Product Quality

Shein’s product quality is generally good.

It’s often great, however, sometimes they don’t seem to match your expectations, which is understandable given their excessively large customer base worldwide.

So, on an off chance that they don’t match the high-quality clothing of other labels, they’re still pretty decent as a brand.

Their happy customers have been ordering from Shein for years, and are quite satisfied with the quality they receive at affordable pricing.

Is Shein True to Size?

According to their customers’ reviews, Shein’s clothing tends to run small in comparison to the US sizing line.

It gets better once you’ve become used to shopping at Shein and learned how to order the correct size from their collection.

Does Shein Run Big or Small?

It’s possible that Shein’s clothing runs neither small nor big, as all of their clothes tend to have different measurements despite being labelled in the same size category.

For example, an S size in one pair of jeans cannot be the same as an S size in another pair of jeans.

Therefore, when purchasing on Shein, it’s important to choose the correct size.

Here we’ll discuss a few things you should consider before ordering from Shein, including how to order the perfect size.

How to Order the Correct Size?

To begin, take your accurate body measurements, including waist, length, and all other necessary measures.

Second, double-check that each product you added to your cart has the same size according to your body measurements.

For example, if you normally wear an M size with a 28-inch waist and find that an M size on Shein has a 25-inch waist, you’ll know you need to order a larger size.

Third, look over the sizing chart and reviews. It’ll help you in choosing the right size of that product.

Is It Safe to Order from Shein?

Yes! Shopping at Shein is risk-free. Shein is a reliable and trusted company that provides the best possible product and services to its customers.

They do not misuse any of your personal information or steal your money. They have gained full trust and respect from their customers.

They provide great customer service as well as policies for returns, exchanges, and other factors. You don’t have to be concerned about getting into any kind of scam when shopping at Shein.

Feedback from Happy Customers

As discussed above, Shein’s customers seem to be quite pleased and satisfied with the product and services they receive.

Shein’s feedback doesn’t lie, so here are a couple of positive reviews to quell any remaining doubts.

  1. “The dress purchased was true to size and did not disappoint. Love it. 10/10 stars and no complaints at all”.
  2. “Absolutely love SHEIN! Affordable plus/ curve clothes and so many styles to choose from. And I love the coupons”.
  3. “I ordered a swimsuit and cover-up and they are both absolutely fantastic! Perfect fit, great price, quality material, and flattering vibrant colours”.
  4. “I just received my order of a cute tie die maxi dress and a precious romper. The shipping was speedy and absolutely love both pieces. Thank you so much!”.

For more exciting products, great discounts, and further information, check out their page:


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