If you love adventures and like to be outdoors more than Regatta has the perfect set of products ready for you. An extensive range of products is available here for you to check out for the next trip you are about to plan. 

The brand is all about fun and exploring new ventures. This label is the perfect way to go if you are looking for the right outfit and gear to make your outdoor experience even better.

The outside activity that you are about to embark on doesn’t necessarily have to be anything rigorous. So if it is anything like hiking, climbing, running, or something simple as taking your dog out on a walk, Regatta has got you covered.

The brand is an all-rounder when it comes to any outdoor activity. Regatta has a successful clothing line for men, women, and kids that has aim to provide affordable options for outdoor use without any quality compromises. 

Other than clothing you can also get camping gear here like rucksacks, tents, active wear, work wear, dog accessories, and so much more for you to explore.

This brand also has a decent and active social media following on different platforms. And it strives to produce products that get the highest rating in terms of design and quality.

The brand was founded in 1981 by an English family in Manchester. It had humble beginnings like any other small family-owned brand and it started with a total of 12 employees only but with time it expanded to many parts of the world.

Regatta is now driven by a base of thousands of employees who work here with dedication and passion. Regatta is also undoubtedly the most popular brand for outdoor apparel and gear as well.

It has its headquarters in the UK but since it has expanded it has also one in New Hampshire in the US. But the brand is not limited to those two places only.

The exports and distribution of this brand are expanded to almost 55 countries at the moment. And with every day the brand has new customers coming in so, so far things are looking pretty good for business.

Where Are Regatta Products Manufactured?

Regatta is a UK-based brand but most of its products are manufactured in Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh. But other than this fact, this brand has a long history with China as well.

The name of the brand Regatta is courtesy of the owner of Risol Trading, Lionel Black, who was taking a shipment of waterproof jackets from China. These jackets had Regatta written on them also with a picture of a boat.

The owner at the time, Lionel Black, took this inspiration and started his brand which we all know today as Regatta for outdoor apparel and gear.

Are Regatta Jackets Waterproof?

Regatta is known for manufacturing a lot of products like trousers fleece rucksacks, boots, tents, waterproof jackets, and anything that you think you’ll be needing as outdoor gear. 

Trade with China was already happening from day one. But after the formation of the brand it continued and to this date, China is one of the countries where most of the production happens. 

But most importantly this brand is known for its waterproof, rugged, and durable jackets. No matter what kind of weather it is out there you can easily rely on a jacket from Regatta.

To build a trusted relationship with the consumers, the brand has a set of principles set in place for it. People can check the resilience of the products here against these principles to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth.

Regatta has three categories of jackets available here. Like there is

  • Water repellent and with stretch
  • Waterproof
  • Waterproof and also breathable

All the waterproof products being made here have hydrafort and isotex technologies used in them. You can even check the rating of isotex technology in the products you are buying from here before making the purchase.

The higher the rating, the higher the chances are that waterproof products are going to perform even better. You can choose the kind of jacket you want because all of them are waterproof but your preference matters.

Is Regatta Ethical?

The quality of clothing and gear is not the only attraction that makes it a good brand but also the fact that Regatta is also known as an eco-friendly and sustainable brand. Here you get style and sustainability both in one in every product that you see. 

The products here are recyclable so the brand does that to tackle the environmental problems. Plastic bottles are reused in the making of jackets and fleeces. 

The products and clothes from here are procured from the mills certified by the Global Recycle Standard. Reducing carbon foot to is very important to conserve the environment and so the brand uses railway lines to bring the supplies from China to London. 

Regatta is one of those brands that have created a strong place for itself in the market based on quality, variety, and sustainability practices. The unique range of products available here is not only environment friendly but also affordable paired with the best quality.

With the brands like North Face and others, you do end up thinking that this kind of clothes would cost way too much. But Regatta has made it possible for everyone to have a fun time out and enjoy the adventures.

So if you don’t want to disturb your budget and peacefully plan your next trip, Regatta is a place where you should be starting from. 

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