The brand is well known for its chic and urban style on the New York streets. Rebecca Minkoff is best and most popular for the contemporary and upbeat women’s wear that ranges from office wear to a cute vintage jacket collection. The brand’s collection has been celebrated for a long time now and has paved its way into big magazines like Vogue & E! Online. 

There’s also a huge chance that you might have seen some of the brand’s bags worn by many famous Hollywood celebrities as well. The brand was established in 2005 and has ever since produced some amazing and fine products like clothing for women along with quality bags and accessories. When you walk into the store you are greeted by this huge collection of clothing, and accessories and not to mention the highlight, the handbags. 

There is a collection of sustainable options from which people with ethical practices can shop. The brand is also a part of a huge Female Founder Collective. 

The highlight of the brand is definitely the bags here. In the early 2000s, the brand used to make these huge bags and now that we have these tiny clutches, it really makes you select from the diverse kind. 

Is Rebecca Minkoff A Luxury Brand?

Well, definitely the prices are higher than the usual bags you see at Target or GAP. And even for clothing, the brand is a bit more pricey than the usual ones. 

Although the prices may make you think of this brand as a very expensive one, it is really not. Whenever we talk about a brand as a luxury, there’s always a comparison involved with the brands having the same categories of products but with a lot more prices. 

With Dior-like brands, Rebecca Minkoff is still considered an accessible and affordable luxury. The designs are high-end and of great quality too but they are not something you can’t afford not even for a season. 

The brand uses real leather to make their bags so the compromise in the quality does not really exist around here. The bags have a practical and stylish design to them that really goes well with your day-to-day outfit and hangouts. 

The tote bag is a popular one here. On a typical New York bread-winning day, it is important that you carry something that carries everything for you. Not only practical but also a bag that looks amazing with a blazer, a dress, a bodycon, or something you put on with a nice pair of shades on a bright sunny day. 

What Rebecca Minkoff Is Known For? 

The brand is known for its classy styles and approach to every product in the collection. From bags to boots to clothes you get the perfect fit and kit to make the day perfect. The simple and refined purses and bags sure make up for a good daytime office look and even an important meeting setup. 

The versatility of the bag collection really makes the brand stand out. You find the designs with the perfect assemble that comes with the stitching details.

The duality of the bags as in for the functionality surprises you when you turn your Rebecca Minkoff satchel bag into a clutch by just removing the straps. 

Not that you can get the same bags and clothes from Gucci if you are into expensive brands, but affordability plays a big role. 

Quality always plays a big role when you decide to buy a product. Rebecca Minkoff has maintained a clean and sustainable quality in its products for years now. While spending you seldom get overboard but nothing that would save up for a whole year until the next time you shop for a bag or a nice dress. 

The reviews on the internet about Rebecca Minkoff are quite promising if you look them up. The website of the brand has 1.2k testimonials and has a 5-star rating. And even on other platforms like Reddit or Quora, you get reasonable suggestions that encourage you to give this brand a try. 

Most of the population that is into good and affordable shopping has good reviews to give about the brand. And when it comes to handbags, people are into the size since the practicalities are big for New Yorkers especially. 

New Yorkers think of the brand as stylish, relevant, and fabulous every single day. So might want to head and try it now! 

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