There are new brands and then there are some classics that you simply can’t ignore while making some major fashion choices.

Ray-Ban happens to be one of the classic fashionable eyewear brands that has been in the game since 1937. 

The brand has been thriving successfully for years now and we can say that it is doing a pretty good job. Every collection of this brand has been functional and cool ever since the brand came into being. 

Sunglasses are like the must-have fashion accessories for ages now but mainly they were designed for eye protection from the outside environment. Every pair of glasses at Ray-Ban serves the same core purpose with different styles as well. 

Every pair of glasses or sunglasses that you see here have UV protection in them but it kind of varies from lens to lens used in the frames. There are these classic lenses that can absorb almost 85 percent of light while blocking the blue light. 

While using these lenses, you get a much more natural vision without adding or altering the colors of different objects that you see. And then there is the mirrored lens that is comfortable on the eyes with snow or water around. 

With these lenses, you get a much brighter and clearer image of your surroundings. People with sensitive eyes prefer the polarized lens by Ray-Ban that can block reflected light up to 99 percent while eliminating glare and also enhancing the contrast levels. 

You can see clearer and brighter with these lenses without feeling too harsh on your eyes. Another good fact about this eyewear brand is that you can buy prescription glasses from here as well. 

You can always select from a huge selection of frames and can customize them with your prescribed lenses. And while customizing your glasses you can also get the polar ones. 

With a good pair of nice lenses, you would obviously need a solid, good quality frame and Ray-Ban is the perfect place to get them. There is a huge variety of designs available in acetate and metal frames that are available in small, medium, and larger sizes that would fit you perfectly. 

Most of the time people go for the standard size of the small one but you can always check out Ray Ban’s size guide to get a clear idea of what you want. With the right set of lenses, the perfect solid frame, and the coolest designs, these glasses are the best you get for practical and fashion reasons. 

Ray-Ban definitely set some trends when it comes to sunglasses and you can’t just deny the most iconic pairs by this brand called The Aviator, The Clubmaster, and The Wayfarer. These are considered to be prized possessions by sunglasses lovers and for the very right reasons. 

With many fashion bloggers and influencers reviewing these sunglasses, you can see that not only do these sunglasses look hip on everyone but they are the perfect description of modern and trendy fashion looks out there. 

Is Ray-Ban A Luxury Brand?

If you are wearing a pair from Ray-Ban then you are considered a luxury-loving person and for many reasons it is true. 

Normally the prices of these sunglasses and simple eyewear start from 150 dollars which is way too much for glasses and compared to your five bucks shades. The brand uses high-quality material that does not let the glasses lose the shape or break that easily unlike cheap quality options you see around you. 

With some exclusives and popular designs here you can get a pair for 500 bucks easily and there are people who do like to spend on these. So unless you are a die-hard Ray-Ban fan or really into investing in good quality eyewear, you don’t have to spend that much money on it if you don’t have it. 

Is Ray-Ban A Designer Brand?

Yes, Ray-Ban sunglasses are designers which clearly explains the high price tags and unique designs. 

What Makes Ray-Ban So Special?

It is all about high-quality frames and catering to your eye needs without compromising the style that you have been looking for. When people think of taking their eye health seriously they always want to invest in something that is of good quality, serves the core purpose, and lives a longer life than any cheap options. 

At Ray-Ban, you get it all. Even though it is pricey, people do prefer it and it does not disappoint you at all. 

Is Ray-Ban Still Cool?

Even after 80 years in the business, Ray Ban’s are considered cool and in style by the majority of the population. Initially, the brand used to design sunglasses for the military and later on expanded for the civilians as well. 

So like an original classic and keeping the bar high, Ray-Ban for many people can do no wrong. 

Ray-Ban manufactures its sunglasses and glasses in factories located in China and Italy. Even though this might confuse you a bit, the quality is not compromised at any step of the process. 

You might see many imitations of Ray-Ban sunglasses but you have to watch out for them. Make sure you buy them from the original store and the website of the brand. 

Ray-Ban is definitely worth the investment for many reasons and you definitely don’t regret it for a long, long time. They don’t wear out that easily and while serving the main purpose they do look trendy and fashionable with every outfit you wear for the day. 

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