Everyone loves wearing fashionable sunglasses and eyewear that can grab audiences’ attention. It’s an amazing way to express yourself by wearing branded glasses that can protect your eyesight but also make you look fabulous.

People can benefit a lot from being presentable, and the most prominent one is that appearances give you an upgrade in life: work, social, or even for yourself. You will feel better after wearing amazing sunglasses.

Quay is one of these brands which are supplying amazing products of sunglasses to people. The creators of this brand are Linda and Allen Hammond, who were later joined by Zak, their son and the future of Quay. 

In 2004, two music enthusiasts teamed together in Melbourne, Australia, to produce a fashionable, inexpensive, and diverse collection of eyewear that expresses their freethinking personalities. 

People couldn’t get enough of these new colors, and word spread quickly. 

Quay continued to thrive, and in 2009, with the assistance of Zak, the brand was introduced to the worldwide market. Currently, the brand is quite well in the industry and popular in the fashion market!

With so many styles to pick from, each color has a unique name to match any mood. The Chelsea Girl and Mod Star are ideal for individuals influenced by British fashion, and if you’re feeling feisty, go for the Kitti pair, which has cat-eyed frames that will bring out your inner feline.

Many of the world’s favorite celebs wear Quay Eyewear. Many of whom aren’t afraid to be daring with their fashion, particularly their eyeglasses. 

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Cara Delevingne, and Beyonce have all been photographed wearing Quay sunglasses, and the list is growing regularly.

Quay eyewear is particularly famous in Australia and it may be a long way from where it started, but people will never forget the journey.

The countless summers in Melbourne, the experiences do, and the inspiration gained from many days spent at music festivals will always be at the heart of Quay. Quay frames are now available at over 2000 stores internationally and online. 

If you want further information to decide to buy the sunglasses! Do read the content below to find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is Quay A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Quay is considered a luxury brand as its prices are far higher than other eyewear brands in the market. You can find more reasonable options, but this brand is known for its design and aesthetic appeal!

Is Quay a designer brand?

Yes, Quay is a designer brand that values different ideas and works with several people to bring more innovation and creativity to the designs in the product lines. Quay Australia’s slogan is “life is too short to fit in,” it’s no wonder that each new design is one-of-a-kind. 

Each product reflects the creators’ personalities: music fans, Melbourne flair, and a style that refuses to conform. Quay Eyeware is a firm believer in appreciating diversity and allowing a diverse set of people to show their talents to their world. Glasses can get boring if they are repeatedly designed by the same person which is why a different flare is good!

Are Quay glasses expensive?

Quay Sunglasses are normally priced between $65 and $75, with a few limited editions priced at $125. In their bargain area, you can also get spectacles for roughly $40. They are pricey, but worth it if you check out their online website from the link below!

Why is Quay so popular?

Quay’s popularity is linked with its designs as they usually put up styles that are quite famous in the industry and work with various artists that bring a different set of perspectives to the picture. People love buying from places that sell trendy but chic glasses, and Quay is certainly a brilliant option.

Quay Shades has partnered with well-known businesses like Lazy Oaf, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters. The customers of Quay, like the frames themselves, have their flair, and are relaxed, yet not hesitant to take chances when necessary. Quay Eyewear is entertaining and cheap, and each model comes in a variety of colors.

Are Quays good?

Yes, Quays are made to be quite amazing and it is critical to wear a nice pair of sunglasses during summer. You owe it to yourself to pick a pair that will complement you and your clothing. 

Sunglasses are the most significant item you will wear on your face, so think long and hard about them. After all, the hardest part is picking your first pair, and then it’s smooth sailing from there.

You can follow Quay by clicking here on their official website and order directly! 

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