For decades Porsamo Bleu has been known to introduce the best collection of watches. The watch was founded by Krisztina Csupo and Moe Afshar and it dates back to the early 1900s. 

The founder’s ancestors were a line of well-known and great jewelry designers and goldsmiths in Shiraz, Iran. So the founders were passionate about this craft from a very early age and turned it into a business of watchmaking in the early 1900s. 

In this vastly developed era of watches by almost every brand out there, Porsamo Bleu tries to set itself apart by offering its consumers something unique and a wide range of options available. 

The watch’s materials range from silicone, leather, and stainless steel and these materials are able to make watches for all kinds of occasions for you. The designs of these watches do vary for women and men but the majority of timepieces that you see here have unique and quiet eye-catchy designs. 

Just for the men’s collection, there are more than 40 collections available having immaculate designs. The color palette is quite wide for these watches it includes Silver, Gold, Cognac, Rose, Grey, Green, Blue, and Black. 

And the materials used in the making of these watches are silicone, stainless steel, and premium leather as well. The men’s watch collections have different kinds of complications that include aspects like multifunction, chronographs, standard three or two hand movements, and automatic. 

The case sizes for these watches range from 45 to 50mm. The brand also has more than 40 collections for women and the materials used in them are satin-covered leather, stainless steel, ceramic, silicone, and leather. 

The existing colors of these collections are silver, blue, white, multicolored, black, gold, baby pink, brown, and two-toned. The case size for these watches starts from 35mm and goes up to a maximum of 42mm in diameter. 

The most prominent feature that really sets the men’s and women’s collections apart is the use of gemstones in the watches. Some of these watches have diamonds, opal, and topaz in them which really brings out the bling side of them. 

The build quality and the durability of these watches in both men’s and women’s collections are pretty outstanding. Porsamo Bleu packs most of its watches in stainless steel cases to keep any external damages away. 

The glass in watches is made of some good quality and durable material. This also depends on the price tag and model type as well. 

You get a sapphire crystal coat on the watch which definitely gives it a luxurious image. These crystals are also of different types like you get the simple mineral crystal, sapphire mineral crystal, and a rock-hard mineral crystal coat. 

Is Porsamo Bleu A Luxury Brand?

Porsamo is considered a luxury brand when it comes to the usage of high-end materials in the making of the watch collection. But from a price perspective, this brand is an affordable luxury that is accessible to the majority of the people. 

There are models and usage of materials that determine the prices of these watches. If a watch contains diamonds and other expensive materials then the prices would definitely be higher. 

But there is definitely a section of affordable watches here that makes it possible for everyone to get the best possible luxury-like watches in their collection. 

Is There A Warranty For Porsamo Bleu Watches?

When you are paying money for anything, especially something that is a luxury product, then you need to know whether the product comes with a warranty or not. This brand offers a 2-year warranty with every model from the moment you purchase it.

All of the manufacturing defects, if any occur during the warranty period, are covered by the company. In order to avail of the warranty services, you have to register the watch you bought on the website of the brand. 

There are authorized service centers in place by the brand that offer you warranty services for your watches. 

We can say that Porsamo Bleu is a luxury brand for watches but there is also a place for people who are looking for affordable options. On the other hand, even the affordable line of watches here has a luxurious look.

So if you want to shop from the affordable line don’t feel ashamed or anything because, in the end, you are getting a luxury option that happens to be affordable as well. 

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