Clothing is an important part of one’s personality and is certainly a tool of influence.

In countries that experience extremely cold weather, people cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the clothes they buy.

People prefer brands that offer good quality clothes for all types of uses under one roof.

When looking for such brands, names like Point Zero come up. Point Zero is one of the largest producers of casual and formal clothing for men, women, and children.

Point Zero has established its image as an affordable lifestyle and clothing brand that supplies its products to renowned retailers around the globe.

In this article, we will look into the brand details of Point Zero to find out whether it is a good brand that lives up to its name or not.

Is Point Zero A Luxury Brand?

Point Zero is a premium quality clothing brand founded by Maurice Benisti in 1979, known for its unique designs and exceptional quality.

It is known for its winter wear that is made from the finest insulation materials in the world.

It specializes in making coats and jackets that provide warmth, comfort, and convenience.

Long coats are made from nylon and polyester for insulation with a waterproof outer layer which makes them ideal for snowy weather.

Their down coats and ecological down coats are the best options for wet and cold conditions.

If you are looking for complete winter clothing with good weather protection as well as an aesthetic value, Point Zero is the place to go.

Point Zero aims to manufacture all of its products sustainably and has taken vital steps to achieve this goal.

The attention to detail and quality control by Point Zero has established it as a luxury brand, trusted by many all over the world.

Is Point Zero A Canadian Company?

Point Zero was established as a brand that offers ready-to-wear clothes, accessories, and footwear in Quebec, Canada.

Benisti started this company in the city of Montreal, which has a rich cultural identity and is an important city in the fashion world.

In 2006, its first shop was started along with its office and warehouse in the fashion district of Montreal city.

Over the years, Point Zero has developed stores in different countries around the world, including Australia, Dubai, and South Korea.

The majority of their clothing is made in Canada, while some of them are outsourced to India and China.

Is Point Zero Sustainable?

The manufacturing team at Point Zero company aims to reduce their company’s carbon footprint with each passing year. They start by working with people who share the same values regarding sustainability.

Point Zero makes sure that the fibers they use are grown organically. They do so by sourcing all fibers from green suppliers who use sustainable methods like Laser Packaging.

The fabrics they use are also sustainable, which include sustainable cotton, recyclable polyester, and biodegradable poly.

Point Zero also offers a collection of outerwear clothes that are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles which are thrown into the ocean are collected, recovered, and shredded to turn into polyfill, which is then used to make coats.

It has also started making sustainable jeans made from recycled materials and less polluting products by using solar-powered manufacturing techniques.

They claim to be 60% green as of now and are striving to achieve 100% green production by the year 2025.

This level of attention to every business operation results in products that are much more superior in quality than other outdoor brands.

By offering diversity and incomparable quality in their products, Point Zero has become the leading outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand in Canada.

How Do You Clean A Point Zero Jacket?

Different jackets by Point Zero are made from different materials to serve their purpose.

While cleaning these jackets, it is imperative knowing how the material with which it’s made should be treated. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your jacket.

Below are the cleaning methods for some of their best-selling jackets:

How to Clean Down Coats by Point Zero?

The down coat by Point Zero has the best insulation and is ideal for cold weather.

However, it may lose its insulation in wet conditions.

For these jackets to last longer, it is important to clean them as recommended by the company.

Dry-cleaning downs are not a good option as it causes these jackets to lose their insulation and hence reduce their service life.

Air-drying these jackets is also not recommended as it can cause the feathers to clump together, and the jacket will start to smell.

Therefore, it is recommended to tumble-dry them at low heat.

Nikwax down wash detergent is recommended to clean down jackets.

When exposed to wet conditions, it is important to dry the jacket completely to prevent the growth of bacteria, creating a bad smell.

Washing jackets in the washing machine is also not preferred. The zipper can break and damage your washing machine, so it’s better to hand-wash these items.

How to Clean Puffer Jackets by Point Zero?

To clean puffer jackets, use washing machines without a center agitator.

Machines with regular agitators do not necessarily damage the jacket, but it’s better to avoid them.

The best option is to hand-wash your jacket and then spin it in the washing machine to remove excess water. This will help dry the jacket faster.

Puffer jackets lose their puff when washed due to the weight of the water.

This does not mean that the jacket is ruined. It will regain its puff when it is dried completely.

Puffers take longer to dry when air-dried and run a risk of water retention, which can damage your jacket.

It is better to use a dryer on low heat with dryer balls.

This agitates as the jacket tumbles in the dryer, which makes sure there are no wet spots left.

In short, you just need to be considerate of a few things while cleaning your jacket:

  1. Wash on cold cycle at the most delicate setting in your washing machine.
  2. Use a laundry bag.
  3. Use a down-specific detergent.
  4. Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls immediately after washing.

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