We all know how important it is to pair complementary accessories with our outfits.

Accessories can either elevate your look or make people look away from your outfit towards your unusual selections of accessories, be it a hat, jewelry, or an unkempt handbag.

Handbags have been important to women for many ages.

They have not only served as containers of products needed on the go but also depict the personality and financial standards of the women carrying them.

Many women search heavily for handbags that are not only comfortable enough for them to use but also add another layer of class to their outfits.

Therefore, to lessen your search efforts, we bring you a review of Patricia Nash, Italy’s famed leather Handbag maker.

In this article, we shall discuss Patricia Nash, both the person and the brand, and find out whether this could be the luxury symbol you want to show off at your next fancy event.

Is Patricia Nash An Actual Woman?

Yes, Patricia Nash is indeed a living person after whom the brand is named. She is also the primary designer and owner of the brand.

For a long time, Patricia nash has been designing handbags and has become a specialist in the handbag manufacturing industry.

She not only knows all the methods and practices but also regularly revises the processes to further perfect and innovate the craft to ensure the quality and longevity of the finished products.

As her quality work became popular, she was noticed by huge corporations like Disney and Warner Bros and got the chance to design various handbags to be used both on set and at events of many projects.

Nash recalls that her journey to starting her own brand started in 2010 when she found a vintage bag in her mother’s closet.

This inspired her to produce her own collection, and she, therefore, launched the brand by the name ‘Patricia Nash Designs.’

The famed designer has traveled throughout the world and states that she is inspired by cultures, craftsmanship, and vintage perspectives of various cultures.

What does the brand ‘Patricia Nash’ specialize in?

The Brand manufactures handbags, men’s purses, jewelry, and other accessories; however, premium-grade leather handbags are the main focus of Patricia Nash.

They are especially known around the world for the vintage yet fresh perspective the brand has towards fashion’s relation with handbags.

In fact, Vintage is one of the key signature qualities of Patricia’s design, as this serves as an ode to the bag that she found in her mother’s closet, which prompted her to begin this company in the first place.

The leather bags that the company produces are not only sleek but purely breathtaking.

Each product has its own set of embroidered patterns and symbolism, which makes the product much more than just a handbag.

The company focuses on not just designs but also on functionality.

As a result of this deeply focused idea, the bags have multitudes of spaces and pockets where you can stuff your daily necessities in the most organized manner possible.

All kinds of bags are on display so that you can go home with whatever you need.

Be it satchels, totes, shoulder bags, or crossbody bags; all are available in unique vintage designs.

Non-leather options are also available as the company also sells woven cloth-made bags too!

Does Patricia Nash Use Genuine Leather?

Indeed, the leather used in Patricia Nash products is one hundred percent genuine and sourced from high-quality suppliers.

To maximize the quality, Nash uses full-grain leather.

This type of leather is the one in its natural state, and no further changes are made to artificially perfect grains or imperfections in the leather.

Therefore, the bags that are manufactured possess the finest leather in its most original and raw form.

Tanning of the leather is done by the brand’s manufacturing units using the vegetable tanning method.

This essentially means that only organic stains are used to stain the leather to give it its characteristic vintage looks.

The bark of Italian mimosa trees is used for tanning the leather, which is a practice that dates back centuries but has been innovated and improved by Patricia Nash.

Are Patricia Nash bags manufactured in China?

While the brand is famous as an Italian manufacturer, Patricia Nash does indeed outsource its manufacturing to plants and factories in China.

While this does mean that some of its products are surely ‘Made in China, Patricia Nash enforces strict manufacturing conditions which ensure that the quality of the products made in Italy and China are the exact same.

The outsourcing is done to not only capitalize on the cheap labor that China possesses but also to keep up with the increasing demand for Patricia Nash products.

Can Patricia Nash’s Bags Be Seen As High-end and a Symbol of Luxury?

All Patricia Nash products and bags are made from raw materials that are sourced not only from Italy but from around the world to ensure the quality that the reputation demands.

The bags that are produced by the brand are not only Designer made but also of extremely high quality.

Besides this, the design concepts used in its pieces are what make them truly valuable.

The representation of many cultures via the use of coins, colors, embroidery, and design concepts makes the collection a truly diverse yet versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The intricate and well-engineered manufacturing process also means that the bags are long, strong, durable, and will last you quite a lot of different events.

Therefore, the products can surely be classified as high-end.

Their relatively steep price ranges clearly indicate that Patricia Nash is a luxury brand that not everyone might be able to afford.

Undoubtedly, it would be a luxury statement to have one of Patricia’s embroidered Vintage Leather bags that you could flaunt wherever you go.


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