Beach parties and events are fun, right? But for women, it is a crucial opportunity to rock their best possible outfits and stun everyone with their attire.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to slay in sunkissed photographs posted on the gram afterward?

The thing about beach outfits is that they not only need to be comfortable to wear in the heat but should also be loose enough to allow for athletic enjoyment and easy movement.

And, of course, they need to be richly colored and classy enough to make all eyes turn towards you.

About Pampelone: Who Founded it?

Famous fashion publicist Holly Anna Scarcella used to spend a lot of time at the French Riveria as her family home was in St. Tropez.

Being a keen observer of fashion, she deeply admired the fashion sense of the royally clad women that came to enjoy and relax at the French beaches.

Whether it was having fun on a yacht ride or having lunch, these women always had their fashion game on point.

So Holly decided to come up with a clothing lineup that would not only emulate these classic and unique beachwear styles adorned by these french women but would also be relevant to modern women all around the globe.

So Holly toiled hard for this new venture, and in 2015 she launched her own brand and called it ‘Pampelone.’

Her work was praised all across the world, and sales soon started to skyrocket. It took her just 18 months to start selling in over 18 countries with 90 plus retailers under her.

Besides this, she also worked hard to establish the Brand’s online presence, and soon Pampelone was selling at sites like Bloomingdales and Shopbop.

For her business success, she has also been listed in Forbes 30 under 30.

What is Pampelone Known For?

Pampelone has a simple code: to amplify the confidence of women to go wherever they want and achieve whatever they want in life, be it work, family, or colleagues.

The Brand has therefore hired pro professionals to perfectly emulate the design trends of the French Riveria and combine them with trends from all around the globe to produce designs that are timeless, new, comfortable, and unique.

The brand’s pricing is fairly affordable to most people as a quick look through the home page of the brand reveals that prices range from as little as $98 to $200 for the more expensive pieces.

Considering the quality and originality of the designs and the uniqueness of each look, the prices can be justified to a great extent.

This approach has converted the small venture that Holy started into a global clothing brand that is now designing outfits for women across different cultures and ethnicities.

Pampelone’s beachwear is considered an expression of Art, and that is exactly how the brand wishes to be perceived.

The brand has, since its inception, expanded into other clothing areas as well.

Now, dresses, sets, tops, Bottoms and Jumpsuits, Beachwear, Coats, Jackets, Loungewear, Lingeries, Jewelry, and other unique looks and accessories are sold by the company.

Pampelone is still trying out new things every day in an attempt to revolutionize and innovate the way their clothing is manufactured.

This is so that women can continue to get relevant and better outfits, creating a great versatile collection that can be mixed and matched to cover various events and not just events at the beach.

Holly’s optimistic approach and modern vision are not only seen in the workings and operations of the brand, but it is sewn into each outfit produced and can be felt through the comfort of the clothes.

This is why each of their products is optimized to perfection. Pampelone is, therefore, a designer brand and one of the finest in the industry as well.

To sum it all up, Pampelone clothing aspires to take you to the famed Pampelone beach through their design ideologies and make you feel as if you have hopped into a store around St.Tropez to pick up a traditional beach outfit.

The collection is made from the finest cotton and silk, and the manufacturing process is done ethically in India.

How are Pampelone’s Outfits? Pampolene’s Product Reviews!

Pampelone’s clothing is for outgoing women in summer; therefore, they make the correct use of light and dark shades of various colors in their pieces.

The outfits are comfortable and flowy but not too loose either.

In fact, the designs combined with embroidered textures give a cozy yet classy outlook to their dresses, perfect for various events throughout the year.

The company sure makes outfits for various events, but let’s now review a few of their most sold articles from different clothing categories.

Perle Midi Dress:

This blush-colored $178 dress is perfect for evenings out on a boat ride in the Riveria. It is sewn from high-grade cotton crinkle fabric and is breezy yet easy to style and maintain.

The dress is handmade and thus features unique details. The dress has a clinched waist and tiered skirting, which offers graceful movement in the midi length.

The company recommends wearing flats and minimal jewelry along with a hat to accentuate the fun summer look.

Oriane Maxi Dress:

The most sold article of their silk collection, the $240 Oriane Maxi Dress, is a look to behold. Being 100% silk renders a luxurious feel to it and is perfect for expensive date nights.

The dress craft fully features the fusion of sexy and elegance by boasting a classic slip dress silhouette, thin straps that crisscross at the back, a deep plunging neckline, a long maxi length, and a low back.

The dress is sold in a luxurious gold shade that can go with any skin tone!

Long Sleeve Split Tee:

This article made from Rayon Jersey Fabric is not only breathtaking but timeless and versatile.

It gives a sexy perspective to the orthodox long-sleeved tee by featuring a high slit at the side that allows the wearer to show the clothing underneath (or a nice bikini bottom if you’re styling it above your beachwear).

It has a boat neckline and hugs the body to amplify your curves. Style it with your new trousers, and you’re good to go!

Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit:

This another versatile and feminine $219 jumpsuit can allow you to slay in urban gatherings.

Made from organically dyed Bamboo crepe fabric, this article features a flowy below waist neckline along with billowy sleeves, an open back, and a wide-legged shape.

The deep-maroon color is perfect for wearing to sundown drinks or a cute dinner date by the beach.

Is Pampelone a famous Brand?

Pampelone is a relatively new brand and has not yet truly reached its maximum potential.

Still, it has already found a huge fan base. The brand’s sale is continuously increasing, and day by day, more retail stores are popping up.

Pampelone has been featured by well-known names in the fashion industry, such as VOGUE, FORBES, IN THE STYLES, and ELLE.

It is only a matter of time before the company will become even more valuable than it is today. So get your hands on those sexy dresses before it’s too late!


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