Leather bags are a real keeper if you ever feel like getting a bag that you want to last for a long, long time. This story of this brand begins in 1980 too with a belt. 

The founder of the Osprey London, Graeme Ellisdon rented a hayloft for two pounds a week. In a short amount of time, the brand became a well-known retailer in the UK for the belts that were also handcrafted. 

The fashion focus of the brand quickly switched to other things that included a lot of use of premium quality leather. The designer used the leather and the great craftsmanship skill to make small and practical leather bags for both men and women. 

This specific product earned this brand a huge level of popularity worldwide for making premium quality leather bags that was also a take on the classic British style. Even today the brand makes these bags through some really talented and skillful hands in the UK. 

The craftsmanship is also sourced from all over the world like Italy, India, Portugal, and Spain. It doesn’t really matter where the products you see here get made since the quality control and focus on craftsmanship are pretty impressive. 

It is made sure that the products made here are worthy of the high-end name that this British brand has earned over the years. 

The brand also tampered with many other lifestyle products that did get a fair share of success from the customers. In 2002, the brand opened Osprey Home which was definitely an innovative approach to the brand’s retail presence. 

This contemporary lifestyle style store is situated outside St Albans which is truly a rural destination for retail. Now the brand has almost 16 store outlets across the United Kingdom while having products like clothing, bags, gifting, lighting, furniture, sculptures, and art. 

The fun of shopping k here doesn’t end with products only as this one also has a cafe called Saddlery Cafe which is very popular among the people who shop here and the locals. 

The leather bags here though are a stand-out product among all the others and for very logical reasons. Firstly they are of high-quality leather which is sourced from high-quality cowhides. 

The brand also uses posh Polished Croc leather which is a great bag material for durable and stylish designs. These bags are of high quality and come in different sizes and colors as well. 

These bags are comfortable and practical to carry around and also very well designed to go with any sort of ensemble. The brand does own luxury leather and sure does know how to make good use of it. 

Is Osprey London A Luxury Brand?

It is definitely a luxury brand when it comes to using premium leather and other materials to make products and especially good-looking bags for everyone. 

Other than the luxurious materials and the built of the bags, to the new people visiting for the first time, this brand is not that expensive. 

Obviously, we do understand covering the cost of the materials used but that does not get extravagant at all in the pocket. 

It is definitely an entry-level luxury brand that you shop at for your favorite bags. And with online delivery to almost every country in the world, you can tell that it is going to be a popular addition to your wardrobe. 

Are Osprey Bags Good?

The bags by Osprey London are of high quality and most importantly they are made of leather so that speaks for itself. When you are shopping for a good bag you need to make sure that it is a practical, stylish, and functional bag for your everyday use. 

Of course, you can get a bag for specific occasions but that’s about it when it comes to using that certain bag. Here you can put the bag with any look you want and still make use of it. 

Is Osprey A Women’s Brand?

No, Osprey London is not available for women only. From the moment it started out in the market, it has made the bags for both men and women. 

If you are looking for Osprey London bags in specific, you might come across some fake ones too. So you might want to watch out for the bag’s stitching whether it is neat and clean or not. Because with spending any amount of money, you don’t ever wanna get ripped off.

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