Oscar de la Renta is an old name in the game of fashion and it is an icon when it comes to timeless fashion pieces. The designer of this brand Oscar de la Renta was a Dominican Couturier and a famous ready-to-wear designer whose style and design stood at the front of American fashion for almost 50 years.

This brand was one of the most important happening scenes in New York fashion. 

The namesake of this brand created this brand that was intentionally recognized by the masses and with all the grace and style this brand has, the designer of this one is known to be the most elegant person in the business for his fashion sense. 

The brand made some serious progress when it collaborated with the famous John Galliano who had just departed from Christian Dior as the creative head. Over the lifetime of this famous designer, he had designed a lot of timeless styles that were immensely popular among the presidential ladies of America like Hilary Clinton, Nancy Regan, and Laura Bush. 

Even when the designer of this brand was expanding the business and wanted to take new directions in terms of style his designs remained flattering and feminine at best. We are not just talking about the outfits here but also a huge variety of shoes, jewelry, and other accessories that can make your look complete after selecting the perfect outfit. 

Other than the presidential ladies in America, you can also see some prominent names on the celebrity list rocking the looks of Oscar de la Renta. This brand has been, in particular, popular on the MET red carpet giving major fashion moments according to the theme of the night.

Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker are the prominent ones that wore the outfits and gowns from this brand to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City. The founder of this brand was also appointed as co-chair of this historic museum for its historic importance and how it has been a collective of fashion for many people. 

Is Oscar de la Renta A Designer Brand?

Yes, Oscar de la Renta is a designer brand and the founder of this brand was actually a Dominican designer. He was also the first ever American designer that was awarded a major senior post at the famous French Couture house in 1993 when he also became the creative head at Pierre Balmain. 

After the death of the designer Oscar de la Renta himself the brand was taken over by creative directors like Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia. These two designers had started their design careers at this brand and were trained by the founding designer himself. 

So these two taking over the creative process of the brand and being the main creative heads only made sense as they returned to their roots. 

Why Is Oscar de la Renta So Expensive?

Oscar de la Renta is definitely an expensive luxury brand and it is not something that everyone can afford on a daily basis. The target audience of this brand is definitely people of high stature like famous celebrities and politicians who can easily spend money on this brand.

For celebrities, this brand has been a classic choice to rock on the red carpet. You can even see names like Nicole Kidman wearing a beautiful gown on the red carpet by Oscar de la Renta and that would go viral in a short amount of time. 

What Is Oscar de la Renta Famous For?

Oscar de la Renta is famous for its feminine style and grace that is embedded in every clothing collection by the brand ever to this date and even in the accessories and shoe collection.  

The designer has definitely expanded into many different styles of clothing but if you are looking for something more poised and mature then that is a constant here at this brand.

Oscar de la Renta is one of a kind brand that has been a classic choice for fashion lovers for a long time. Whether it be a politician or anyone who knows how to spend money on good quality products, Oscar de la Renta has been the number one choice for many. 

This brand is still a privately run family business and it has remained true to the pricey roots it is known for. So if you feel like spending without caution for a classy look, this is where you need to be. 

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