Oris is a Swiss watch brand that is famously known to produce quality watches that are also useful and aesthetically pleasing. The brand was formed in 1904 and has had more than 100 years of experience in the watch-making craft. 

You really can not call yourself a watch lover if don’t know about Oris. For 100 years the brand has been making high-quality watches. It is also quite popular among people for being a Swiss watch brand that keeps the aesthetic in focus. 

Traditional and contemporary techniques of watchmaking make it a unique watch brand out there. The traditional design in the watch-making here has roots in the times of World War Two so you can say that it was popular back then too. If you want to buy a new watch and don’t know where to look at, go for Oris as your first choice. 

The timeline of Oris reveals that it has met all the technical and business challenges with high ingenuity and spirits. During the 30s and almost 40s the watch brand started making watches for aviation. It is still one of the industries that this watch brand caters to, to this date. 

When the second world war happened the brand was only able to sell and make a limited number of timepieces. In order to survive, the company also started making alarm clocks that had eight days of power reserve. 

Oris also started working with the quartz watch innovation at that time, but then it stopped in the early 1990s. The brand then doubled the focus on enhancing the mechanical engineering part of watchmaking. 

The brand then started using the slogan High Mech to advertise its watches. The main purpose of it was to highlight the high performance and sophistication of the watches being designed.

The brand continued to push the boundaries of mechanical advancements in its watches. 

When the second half of the twentieth century took over, Oris started to partner with barrier-crossing people and some philanthropic foundations for community projects, watches, and various campaigns. 

With these advancements in the brand, Oris has definitely grown into a popular brand among many consumers. The brand continuously drives inspiration from all the high-level professionals it is surrounded by.

With every watch collection being launched, people see advancements in watchmaking and fall in love with the watches all over again. 

Is Oris A Luxury Brand?

It is a very popular and well-known brand among watch lovers but is it really a luxury watch brand? Not really. Oris is a comparatively affordable brand and some consider it as an affordable luxury or something that would be a value-added to the luxury collection. 

If you compare it to the brands like Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, Oris as a luxury brand won’t justify it. 

Oris does not compare to these brands when it comes to luxury watches but it does promise quality just like the luxury brands. 

For many people, Oris is an expensive brand and we totally agree with that. It is a Swiss watch brand and that does sound expensive and it totally is. But if you compare it to other expensive and classy luxury Swiss watch brands out there, you’ll notice that price difference. First, Oris adds great value for money due to its quality and durability. 

Secondly, Oris is definitely the mastermind when it comes to making mechanical watches. And just to mention, they only make mechanical watches.

The watches here are nothing like Michael Kors that makes its watches out of quartz which doesn’t really make it a quality watch. 

So if you are going to invest in Oris you are not getting something that is aesthetically pleasing only, the value is right there under the hood as well. 

So you are basically getting the best value and quality in the Swiss watch industry if you decide to buy from Oris. You can definitely make a great value of it and if you try to resell it would be much better than reselling an Omega watch. 

There are also many affordable watches in the collection that are offered at a lower price point. The target is to make sure that quality and durability in watches are available to everyone who cherishes a good wristwatch. 

Is Oris Owned By Rolex?

The brand is not owned by Rolex or any other international company. Oris is a private company that excels in making quality watches for people.

Do Oris Watches Hold Their Value?

Oris watches do not hold their value. When people invest in something of quality and something that is expensive, they expect it to be a great asset for reselling purposes. 

Investments are supposed to double or sustain their value over time. Things with watches are a bit different. Watches require maintenance every year and so they lose their value percentage gradually. 

For an initial one or hardly two years a value and quality luxury watch would have its value but still not something that you actually paid for it while buying for the first time. It may come as a shock to some people who are not watch enthusiasts and just want a quality luxury watch. 

But people who deal with watches or love them know this fact and do not consider them as assets like real estate or a house. 

But for the time being, if you feel like going for a watch that is all about quality and affordable luxury, then Oris is the best option. It’ll last longer than any other substandard watch that you don’t want to lose your money to. 

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