How influential a brand can be and how important a scene it is known for creating in the fashion industry determines a lot of the growth of a certain brand. The same idea has been the main reason for the immense popularity of the brand we all know as Off White

This is a Milan-based fashion brand and has more than 5 million followers on social media and you can always see some really famous names wearing clothes by this brand. Another factor why this brand is always creating headlines is due to some amazing collaborations that are mentioned and promoted on every platform you’ll go to. 

Off White was founded back in 2012 and from the very beginning, it started gaining attention from fashion lovers and everyone who is into high fashion. The essence of this brand is based on everything being in quotes. 

This clearly means that when it comes to fashion, everything is ironic for this very brand. The element that makes this brand unique and kind of makes it stands out is the use of quotation marks. 

Most of the clothes being produced by this brand are known to be high fashion. And you certainly can’t ignore how pricey everything is here like the brand, every now and then, releases 1000 dollars sweatshirts, extremely expensive phone cases, and some other accessories that also fuel the resale sector. 

This street-wear brand is highly appreciated among the rich club people of New York and Milan and is almost just like Supreme. There are rappers and pop stars that we all know are spotted wearing this brand frequently.

The designer Virgil Abloh founded this brand and is known to be an amazing prolific designer. The first-ever women’s wear collection by this brand was showcased at Paris Fashion Week back in 2014. 

This very collection made this brand earn its place among the top buyers and designers there are in the world and this collection was also well received by the public. 

Some of the amazing collaborations ever done by the brand were when collaboration happened with the famous Nike. Off White’s take on Nike’s sneakers went viral and everyone wanted to grab a pair. 

These sneakers were almost too hard to get for everyone so all you could see was celebrities wearing them and then the resale prices of these sneakers went up to a thousand dollars. 

Is Off White A Luxury Or Street-wear Brand?

Off White has certainly defined the meaning of luxury streetwear but at the same time it kind of is not available for the majority of the population and that is not supposed to happen if you are a street-wear brand. 

Streetwear was initially an idea that was supposed to be inclusive and available for most of the population. There are many brands that do contradict this idea by making streetwear luxury and Off White is that kind of brand. 

Most of the customer base of this brand consists of rich millennials and you won’t ever see an everyday person shopping from here. The expensive factor kind of makes this brand exclusive and signature so it can be categorized as a luxury brand. 

Why Is Off White Expensive?

There are no specific reasons stated by the brand itself but for most of the shoppers here it is all about the youth look the collection at Off White has to offer. Since everyone wants to look young nowadays, Off White is the kind of place where you, undoubtedly, get the hottest and youthful designs you could find in streetwear.

The brand also is known to surpass the annual sales of Balenciaga and Gucci for the first time in history, so you know it is definitely expensive. With Gen Z and millennials taking over the fashion industry, Off White is definitely on the right track and this is the perfect reason why it’s expensive.

Is Off White A Good Brand?

The good quality and the signature style of this luxury street-wear brand are definitely there so for quality reasons this brand is definitely good. As for prices, this brand is definitely not inclusive at all and not everyone can easily afford it. 

For a 1000-dollar sweatshirt and overpriced phone case, you won’t ever go for it when you know that there are affordable options available with good quality as well. 

So if you feel like splurging, Off White is definitely a place to check out. 

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