If you have ever shopped for sunglasses only and have heard of Oakley then you do know the high quality of the sunglasses that this brand makes.

Other than sunglasses, the brand also manufactures sports visors, goggles, backpacks, apparel, watches, optical frames, and some other accessories as well. 

Most of the items you see here are manufactured in the headquarters in California. The brand was founded in 1975 which marks almost 50 years of this one in the market. 

Oakley mainly comprises innovation based on sports. And in that case, the focus on high performance and quality is much better than your average sunglasses brand. 

Shopping for eyewear can be tricky since there are a lot of factors that go into it for a person.

For instance, you would need something that looks great, compliments your ensemble, protects you from the environment, and is meant for the betterment of your eye health. 

The best part that you experience while shopping for eyewear at Oakley is that you don’t have to worry about any details missing out.

You can customize your order here and get the perfect pair of eyewear that fits you perfectly. 

If you are looking for some specific shades then you might want to have to wait for them to be made.

You place your order for sunglasses here and it takes a couple of weeks for the brand to deliver. 

The best part of these sunglasses is that they are not only great when it comes to style only. You get the best features along with unique styles and designs. 

From a prescription standpoint, if you need some specifics to be added to your glasses then Oakley is the best place to go. Now prescription glasses are available in different styles, so many that they don’t even look like they are prescribed. 

Reliability and consistency in the quality of the brand really make everyone choose Oakley over other brands. And for people with sensitive eyes, there is literally no compromising on the quality of the eyewear since it is after all a sensitive matter. 

Is Oakley A Luxury Brand?

Oakley is known to be the leader especially when it comes to sunglasses technology and features. All of the sunglasses here have lenses that are great for sensitive eyes and have various benefits as well. 

These glasses are expensive but for people who live for sunglasses, they do spare this one because of the best brand for eyewear out there. 

The sunglasses here you see are also polarized which means that you won’t be experiencing any glare off from anything you come across. With these kinds of lenses, you can see clearly in the water and anywhere without any disruption. 

These glasses, be prescribed or normal sunglasses, come with impact protection. The impact protection within the glasses actually protects it from any sort of outside impact.

So this means that these are hard to break. So if you accidentally drop them they won’t be damaged or break anytime soon. 

The brand has introduced a prism collection which is a good one for people who want to see clearly. If you are into high-end cinematography or something like that then these lenses include 4K technology. 

And since this feature is kind of an exclusive one then you might have to pay more price for this one. There are brands that do offer the same tech but this one offers durability and quality with every eyewear you purchase. 

The price for the eyewear here does kind of add up if you look at the collection and the best quality the brand offers its customers. 

Is Oakley A Designer Brand?

Oakley is definitely a designer and innovative eyewear and sports equipment brand. The brand sells the products on the basis of high performance and reliability for both men and women. 

Is Oakley A Good Brand?

Most of the time when you see high prices of a product usually it is more hyped than it is of good quality. Whereas for Oakley the case is a bit different.

The eyewear is a standard and standout product here and it definitely worth the money for people who like a good pair of glasses. The brand does not market them because they are good for people but in fact, they are actually good. 

If you are not worried about getting your shades from somewhere that has good quality and service, then anywhere would be fine. 

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