If you are living in an area that gets way too cold during wintertime then you need to look out for yourself. Wearing such clothes that would keep you warm and covered all the time is crucial in a cold environment. 

One of the famous brands that people turn to for such warm and comfortable clothing is North Face. It is a veteran company that has been at work since 1966. The climbing fan and entrepreneur Doug Tompkins opened his first store in San Francisco for all the climbing lovers at Yosemite National Park.

North Face is a brand that specializes in high-quality outerwear gear. You can get all the gear that is essential for cold weather and also for climbing, running, camping, etc. 

The coats here are extremely warm and comfortable as compared to all the other coats or jackets that you have had in your closet. 

Is North Face A Luxury Brand?

A luxury brand is something that produces high-end quality products and sells them at high prices as well. North Face is definitely a well-known name in the fashion market but it is not something that you would ever be able to afford. 

It is definitely expensive in comparison to its competitors like Bogner and Canada Goose. Despite the amazing quality, smooth feel, and excellent durability of outerwear gear here, you can afford the brand but not like casual shopping. 

Most of the time this brand is criticized for having high prices but the brand does have a huge loyal fan base that feels differently. The fans do not mind the high prices since each clothing item lives up to the hype and the price tags on them. 

When you are shopping for winter clothes, especially in a hilly and snowy area, you are willing to spend more money on clothes as an investment. Consumers need to have that kind of security that a coat or jacket would last them ages once they put down hundreds of bucks for them.

People rely on brands in such cases and North Face is a brand that is well trusted among the masses. This is kind of a marketing strategy that popular brands use to increase their sales and also popularity among more and more people. 

Every brand has some stand-out products and so does North Face. Fleeces here are quite popular and they typically cost around more than 100 bucks.

The higher the quality of the clothes the higher the prices go for every product you would see here. You would find a standard winter coat here for 300 dollars which is still kind of affordable if you look at the quality.

And as compared to the high-end luxury brand like Canada Goose, the prices at North Face are still reasonable and do live up to the standard brand has been offering over the years and even now.

Is North Face Worth The Money?

Even though for a normal shopping experience the prices here are way too high but there are many customers that would agree on North Face is worth each penny. 

The longevity of the gears here takes strong points for many people especially the climbing gear like backpacks, which are easily cleanable, can be used multiple times and has a lot of storage space as well.

To your surprise, you would also find that North Face offers its consumers a limited lifetime warranty on almost all of its products. This makes the prices here totally justifiable since in case of any wear or tears you can return or ask the company to fix your gear issue. 

Why Is North Face So Popular?

North Face is popular because of its high-quality outerwear gear for the cold weather folks. The durability and the longevity really do a number for people who are a fan of products here. 

Are Gucci And North Face The Same?

Yes on some parts of the clothing collections these brands are collaborative. Gucci joined North Face for the outerwear gear collection and has been pretty amazing for the people who are already into the brand.

Why Do Chavs Wear North Face?

Chavs mostly live in the outside spaces like parks and all and also they are very skinny. So North Face clothes do provide that required warmth which is a must need for survival.

So if you want to invest here for good quality, North Face is likely to not disappoint you ever. 

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