2020 was a year of paradigm-shifting developments. COVID hit the world hard, leaving many people caged in their homes, and many more unemployed.

Startups were a concept that lurked in the back of many aspiring entrepreneurs, and that is what led to the conception of NAP.

Nap is a designer brand that deals in clothing, fragrances, bedroom accessories, and general homeware.

In their early days, NAP was very fortunate at connecting with people who agreed with their ideology of comfort and relaxation from the hassles of everyday life.

They have four core pillars that define their aesthetics: modernity, simplicity, class, and fashion.

NAP strives towards catering to independent individuals who want to express their true selves, who seek freedom, and are always vying for more without compromising their core values.

Premium is the word most used to describe NAP, and true to this description, NAP incorporates classic elements and a feminine flair in its tailoring.

Subtle stylings, skin-friendly fabrics, and silky drapes are the defining features of a NAP product.

Is NAP Loungewear A Chinese Company?

Working from home, going out for a stroll, or even just procrastinating around the house, NAP Loungewear has you covered.

With products that inspire self-admiration, luxury, and independence, NAP provides the highest level of comfort money can buy.

While the exact identity of its founder is unknown, NAP Loungewear originated in China and has an affiliate company in the US.

Since NAP was founded during the COVID-19 crisis, it is strictly an e-commerce brand and does not have any physical stores.

Since its inauguration in 2020, NAP has been witnessing a meteoric rise in popularity.

Already followed by almost 50000 people on Instagram, and being mentioned by international magazines such as Nylon, Forbes, and Marie Claire are testament to their success.

They even plan on releasing a home line to go along with their loungewear and accessories.

Is NAP Loungewear Any Good?

The human desire for comfort is as old as our species itself. NAP promises to deliver on just that, the highest levels of comfort while simultaneously making you look fashionable.

NAP claims to be a brand for all seasons. Whether it be harsh winters or humid summers, NAP loungewear is ideal for all situations.

NAP is for the ones who want to have their cake and eat it too; people who want a seamless blend of unbeatable luxury and minimalist simplicity.

All their products, including, but not limited to, sweatshirts, cardigans, coats, dresses, loungewear sets, etc., reflect this philosophy to a tee.

The comfort afforded by NAP was the perfect salve for people stuck at home and wanting to feel relaxed and peaceful.

It gave them relief from the constant stream of crises that the coronavirus had brought down on them.

There are some complaints though, ranging from lost orders, inaccurate status updates, and charging of customers’ cards despite them not ordering anything.

People also reported damaged goods and incomplete items upon delivery.

Is NAP Loungewear Fast Fashion?

NAP is an online-only retailer that manufactures soft and cozy casual and home apparel for people of all ages and genders.

They fall under the umbrella of RUIKE, the same group responsible for the creation of another clothing brand called Lattelier.

Being an e-commerce website based in China, NAP meets the definition of “fast fashion”.

Fast fashion is a term used for attire that is cheaply mass-produced and usually follows designs fresh from the ramps to cash in on the popularity of the trend.

NAP allows you to purchase designs emulating your favorite celebrities as soon as they first wear them but at a much more budget-friendly cost.

NAP’s exponential increase in sales is because of its fast and cheap production and shipping processes, a boom in celebrity culture among the average consumers, and a rise in the youth’s buying habits to cater to their fast fashion needs.

A fast-fashion retailer by trade, NAP has been fiercely competitive in the market, even going head to head with the concept of seasonal collections made popular by the more traditional brands.

NAP has the ability and resources to produce new products on a weekly basis, challenging the more classic notion of new collections being released only twice or thrice a year.

Where Is The Company NAP Located?

Offering a wide variety of classy loungewear products such as dresses, sets, PJs, joggers, and more, all made from premium threads like cashmere, customer satisfaction with NAP products is enviable.

But even the most perfect of gems have rough edges, and to promote customer interaction, they have opened a number of avenues to reach them.

Although NAP is exclusively an online retailer, it does have an address registered on its website: Free Trade Xintiandi Guangzhou Community C0380, No.2196 Fengdong Avenue (East Section), Fengdong New City, Xi’an, Shanxi Province.

Its registered company name is Xi’an Xuyu Tongxing e-commerce Co., Ltd, and you can contact them via email using the handle [email protected].

They also have a telephone number that you can contact them on +1 (303)-668-0833.

Is NAP Loungewear Ethical?

Nowadays, consumers are very conscious about the clothes they wear, and whether the brand which manufactures them has a strong ethical and moral compass or not.

Ethics in the fashion industry covers a range of topics like child labor, workplace environment and safety, sustainable production, pollution, and animal rights.

The clothing industry is responsible for the lion’s share of retail markets in this day and age, and the need for ethical fashion is at an all-time high.

NAP loungewear also needs to improve in many aspects in its pursuit of being an ethical brand.

They are responsible for purchasing cheap labor in third world countries, and mass-producing cotton cheaply using industrial techniques detrimental to the environment.

Although all this may be taken for granted by the customer when they see the reduced prices on NAP products, it all comes at a cost that our future generations might have to bear.


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