When you read the name Michael Kors what comes to your mind? A renowned brand that has been popular for so long for its clothes, accessories, and not to mention the bag collection. 

Michael Kors is known to be a world-renowned brand that has also won so many awards for its contribution to the fashion industry. Every brand has a distinctive item that becomes a standard of identity for the brand. 

The same goes for Kors as the bags here are in the limelight even today. These bags are chic and practical and also come in different sizes so you can pick and choose something of your liking. 

The color palette of these bags is a kind of bougie with all the beige and brown happening. So when you get a bag from Michael Kors you know it is going to look good and definitely high-end. 

Obviously, there are many colors but the pros know which one would look fancy enough. These bags use Saffiano leather which is of amazing quality and you would find the same leather in bags by Prada. 

The designs are high end and the leather is actually created and patented in Italy. There are distinctive diagonal lines on this leather. Along with the crosshatch pattern, the leather is pressed by the machine for a smooth finish. 

This leather makes it possible for the surface of the bags to become resistant to water, scratches, and stains of any kind. You can easily wipe off any marks on the bags without actually affecting the surface or texture of the bag. 

Although times have definitely changed a bit for the brand over the course of many years. There was a time when women would easily consider buying MK bags because it made them feel exclusive and bougie enough to move into high society. 

There has been a lot of struggle that the brand is going through to maintain its image as still one of the “IT” brands. The brand has launched many campaigns and collections over the years. 

These collections featured some favorite celebrities and models. Some of the noticeable names like Bella Hadid have been the face of the brand and definitely helped the brand a lot. 

Collaborations with the right kind of outlets can bring a huge difference for the brand. You can find Michael Kors bags now at Macy’s and even at Target. 

This does not really set a good precedent for the brand overall. 

Is Michael Kors A Luxury Brand?

Most definitely there was a time when the brand started off as a luxury. The brand used to make clothes and bags for women of high society and simply those with money. 

Now with the struggle of maintaining a good image you can call it an affordable luxury for people. The feel and the quality of the bags are still the same. 

But the prices are way too low as compared to Gucci and Prada. There are some bags here that might go up to 1000 bucks but that’s about it.

Now the bags start here from 50 bucks and max they would go to 150 and you get a pretty good deal on a solidly constructed bag. 

Michael Kors has basically lost its cool and although this term may seem very cliché and weird for a brand but it is a harsh reality for it. People are not willing to pay 400 dollars for a Michael Kors bag at a grocery store whereas they could get a bag for half of the price at some mall.

Is Michael Kors A Cool Brand In 2022?

Not sadly even though the band really peaked in the early 1990s and was really popular among people who were fashion-conscious. 

There are many discounts available from time to time on these bags and clothes so that it is accessible to everyone. On the bright side if you think about it, now everyone gets to have Michael Kors bags. 

But it is not something that you would spend your money on and think that you are part of the exclusive group of the society. High-end brands like Gucci do offer this exclusive feel to their consumers which is definitely not any common society folk. 

So if you are looking for a quality handbag that would look good and practical at the same time, MK is definitely a good and affordable choice to go with as usual now! 

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