Men’s Warehouse is a high street fashion platform for men. It is widely famous for the suits they tailor for their dominantly male audience.

Upon inauguration in 1973 till 1999, the company operated in 600 stores around the states of the USA and Canada.

A highlight of their brand can be traced back to 2016 when they agreed with NBCA to dress their coaches in Joseph Abboud Custom suits. A remarkable opportunity for product marketing.

However, the brand has come a long way with bankruptcy and client criticism.

This article dives deep into the abyss of the brand by answering questions about Men’s Warehouse. To find out more about Men’s Warehouse, continue reading our article.

Is Men’s Warehouse a good brand?

Is a brand good or bad? Can it be just fine? Men’s Warehouse is an elite menswear retailer and custom suit creator. The brand operates within the spectrum of 2 critical success factors-

  1. Excellent customer service; the wardrobe consultants give in-depth, careful treatments to the customers, thereby building long-term relationships. This allows customer satisfaction.
  2. Employees are the company’s priority, given that these employees are treated well have excellent retirement benefits and paid vacations. This ensures that employees are working in a healthy workplace environment.

On the surface, the brand has created a good image of itself with the efforts of the executive team.

However, other factors should be recognized, such as price range, commissions of employees, and brand comparison.

Are Men’s Warehouse products overpriced?

There is a bifurcation here; the answer to this question comes in two folds;

Firstly, custom-made suits that are either tailored or retailed by the brand are sold for a price range of $300-$1500. This range is relatively reasonable as suits, whether they are 3pc or 2pc, are expensive.

A comparative example can be Gucci, a renowned brand with great quality products.

The brand’s range for suits starts from $2400 compared to Men’s Warehouse’s price range, which starts from $300.

Therefore, Men’s Warehouse’s custom or tailored suits for sale are affordable.

On the contrary, the brand is overpriced in terms of rental suits. The minimum rental amount is $200-$250, which is relatively higher than other brands. The mentioned range upsets clients due to cheaper alternatives with similar quality.

The brand Jurgens and Holtvluwer give rental tux and suit services under $130 with discounts which, when compared to Men’s Warehouse, is $120 lesser.

In terms of price, Men’s Warehouse is not expensive compared to its competitors except for their suit rental services.

Do Men’s Wearhouse employees make commissions?

In simple words, YES! They do; in fact, employees are treated justly by the company.

However, there is a catch to the excellent treatment- much like most retail stores, the employees have hourly rates which barely pay the bills.

For instance, a wardrobe consultant of Men’s Warehouse is paid $5 per hour with 3/5/7% commission depending on the sale total, excluding taxes. This is heavily dependent on the location of the store as well.

Furthermore, an AM2 is paid $5.75 an hour with a similar commission structure as a wardrobe consultant. However, Assistant managers are paid $9-$12 per hour with a commission rate of 3%-5% on sales.

Are Jos A Bank and Men’s Warehouse the same?

Initially, JAB and Men’s Warehouse were separate brands with entirely different boards of directions.

However, in 2014, JAB and Men’s Warehouse announced that both boards of directors agreed to merge the brands, acquiring a singular entity under tailored brands.

JAB and Men’s Warehouse operate under different umbrellas. While JAB has its designs, Men’s Warehouse retails other designers. They are not the same, but the same parent company owns them.

They, however, have certain similarities, such as the similar orientation of business such as tailoring of suits. They both deal in male cases and clothing, which are luxury fashion.

Is Men’s Warehouse going under?

In August of 2020, the parent company of Men’s Warehouse and JAB filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after the Corona Virus hit the company.

Since there was an evident shift towards lounge or casual wear during the pandemic, business or formal wear companies saw a massive decline in sales.

Tailored Brands had about 19,300 employees according to the public filing, 1,247 stores in the USA, and 125 stores in Canada according to the court filing. In July, the company announced to close up to 500 stores and cut 20% of corporate jobs.

After a long effort and extensive curtailment, the company was able to exit bankruptcy in December of 2020. The company was able to eliminate $686 million of debt, thus consequently being owned by its creditors and lenders.

In a nutshell, Men’s Warehouse is a reputable brand that has hosted successful business transactions for centuries. The brand has good quality and affordable price ranges.


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