When you are putting together your work wardrobe you always think of having your creative spin on it. And while you are doing that you end up looking at your collection of skirts, thinking can I wear these to work?

Well, you sure can depending on what kind of skirt we are talking about. There are so many skirt designs available these days so it would take you a minute to decide which ones you want to wear and what should be strictly kept for casual wear only.

There are some rules to consider before you decide to put on a skirt for work. 

Firstly, you would have to consider the hemline of the skirt because that determines everything. The preferred length of the hemline is mostly midi length or above the knees so that it looks professional but nothing too short because that would look unprofessional and too casual as well. 

Try not to wear bright colours and so many patterns to work even when it comes to your blouse as well. Instead, try to go for some muted colours and soft patterns if you want to like polka dots are a classic and it’s nothing too dangerous as well.

Always go for good quality materials for the fabric of the skirts because that would also determine how a skirt would fit your curves. You can go for suit material, tweed, wool, and black denim as they look just the right amount formal and try to avoid silk skirts because that is just too formal for an office setting.

Picking the style of a skirt is where it usually gets a bit complicated. Usually, people look for safe options like an A-line skirt or a pencil one because there is no room for mistakes with these. 

For a maxi skirt, you need to think twice before you put on it for work. Maxi skirt is more like an informed choice and is usually worn in casual settings. You won’t see many people going for it at the workplace for many reasons.

This kind of skirt is usually very big and even though work clothing is not about to show, a maxi skirt can make you look flat. They are usually big and are down to your ankle which is not the ideal length for a workplace.

Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt To Work?

Maxi skirt is not the kind of attire that you would see people wearing at all at work but you might see it once in a while. Let’s say that you are working for a fashion brand or something that requires you to be according to the trend then you might be able to adjust the maxi skirt somewhere.

Like we all have seen Emily In Paris at this point and she has rocked some work looks involving maxi skirts. And if that is the inspo, you can experiment with the skirt type but do check with the dress code at work.

Is A Maxi Dress Business Casual?

It can be if you don’t go overboard with it as well. It all comes down to how you prefer to style it, what kind of fabric it is going to be, what colour, and how it is tailored according to your body and said professional criteria. 

Maxi dresses are a very versatile kind so you can technically wear them wherever you want. The professional kind does look a lot different and with a lot of styles, you can wear these to weddings, birthday parties, and even a funeral as long as it meets the needs of the event.

Can A Maxi Dress Be Business Professional?

Depending on the type of maxi dress we are talking about. There are conservative workplaces where you can wear a maxi dress to work but it has to be the perfect length like above the ankles and a little below or up the knees.

While picking out a maxi dress, make sure that you go for something sober and not bridal at all. You can go for something that is in georgette fabric as that would have a nice fall and with some solid mature colours, such a maxi dress would look the right amount of professional. 

Other than all the options, for all the flared outfits that you desire to wear at your work, first things first, you need to check in with the HR policies. Every place has a dress code let alone your work.

So, with anything flared, make sure that you strike a balance that can help you with the entire look. Once you decide that you have to wear a flared maxi skirt, work it with a blouse that has good fabric and is tailored according to your body.

You can always go for a bow neck blouse where you get the two tie pieces on the neck and tie them up in a bow. That can give you a professional and fashionable look at the same time. 

Then comes the type of make-up because that would settle it down for you. Keep it clean and polished with makeup so that you look sober and professional.

Then comes the shoes and with a maxi skirt, you have to wear a heel because that is the only way you can make it work and honestly it looks chic as well. 

Bottom line is that workplace clothing is as important as it gets. You need to make sure that nothing that you wear is over the top. 

Balance is the key and it is going to help you with not just your dress sense at work but also anywhere in your life if you want it to.

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