When we think of luxury wear, what comes to mind? High quality, creative and elegant?

Yes, that’s it.

We are all well aware that the origin of fashion is based in France and Italy.

Most brands that sell a lifestyle of splendor originated here.

There are countless big brands of haute couture that go decades back with their glamorous clothing or accessory wear.

An example of one such brand is Longchamp. A french leather goods manufacturer and retailer.

They have skilled and experienced craftsmen working on their unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

These workers are highly proficient in the art of utilizing leather.

We know that leather is a pretty expensive commodity.

So, what is the manufacturing procedure?

Furthermore, what makes this product unique?

And if it is the real deal, how to distinguish it from replicas and knockoffs.

Keep reading and enrich your mind with the vital information to discriminate between the original and copied Longchamp bags.

About Longchamp

Longchamp is Jean Cassegrain’s genius. The idea envisioned by him came into being in 1948. It is a distinguished brand in the fashion industry.

They have been developing leather goods for almost 74 years. The quality of their products is reflected by the age of the company. The label has been consistent in pleasing its consumers since it first started.

Their first product was a leather smoke pipe. They experimented with including more leather goods such as wallets and bags.

Soon the company grew across the globe. It is now a very premium luxury brand likened by many fans worldwide. Their specialty is their luxury leather handbags.

Is Longchamp Made in China Authentic?

Longchamps are made in France mostly. It has special workshops in Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Vendée, Orne to meet the demands of its customers.

The leather itself is very pricey, but refining and making a product from it is more expensive. So many corporations utilize cheap labor from several South Asian countries and China, which significantly reduces the cost of production.

This means that the price of the product also decreases considerably.

Some people argue that Longchamp has set up workshops in China. At the same time, others say that it is exclusive to France. So far, there have been no significant sources to prove this claim.

Why is Longchamp Made in China?

Longchamp has many stores in China. Recently they opened one in Shanghai in Kerry Center. However, it is manufactured in France.

If you did buy it from a different store, there is some possibility that it may be genuine, but most Longchamp bags with a tag of “made in China” are fake.

Longchamp also released a limited edition Le Pliage Cuir for the Chinese New Year festival.

How Do You Know if Longchamp is Original?

There are several ways to ensure that you have bought the right product. Be on the lookout for:

The material used will feel like genuine leather. Check the sample leather provided with the bag. It will indicate the quality of the leather.

The inside is made with light, high-quality polymer. There will be no pungent smell from an original Longchamp product.

There is a leather flap on the bag. This will always be in a diamond shape. The handles are also relatively flat, and the diamond pattern is visible here.

The logo is engraved on a golden button—the infamous jockey logo. The jockey and horse are both pointed to the left. It can be felt when you brush your finger over the button.

Original Longchamp zippers have YKK embossing on them. These are high-quality zippers from Japan.


Longchamp bags are the “it” bags of this century. Every girl wants one.

If you are thinking of buying one too, look out for subtle differences so that you get the original and genuine Longchamp worth your money.


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