Hawaii is famous for its exotic weather, stunning beaches, and landscape.

People from all around the world visit Hawaii to have the time of their lives during vacations.

There is no denying that the country is stunning but there is more to it.

Rumor has it that luxury brands are cheaper in Hawaii than in any other place in the United States.

One of those brands is Long Champ.

Those who visit Hawaii definitely pay a visit to a Longchamp store.

They claim that the brand costs less there. 

But maybe that’s just the vacation effect?

We can’t be sure until we dig a little deeper.

So, let’s dig together and find out whether Long Champ is cheaper in Hawaii or not. 


Long Champ is a French luxury brand that produces goods made out of genuine leather.

The story behind the brand’s inception is quite fascinating.

Jean Cassegrain, the founder of Long Champ, had a family business of tobacco. Jean, however, was not interested in working in the tobacco industry. 

So in 1948, Jean quit his father’s work and commenced the business of leather-covered smoking pipes. It was the first time the world had seen something like those and was a huge success.

After a few years of successful business, Jean started to expand his brand and came up with women’s handbags, luggage, ready-to-wear, shoes, and men’s leather collections.

The high quality and skilled craftsmanship made the collections extremely popular amongst locals. 

Long Champ’s classiest women’s handbag called Le Pliage was released in 1993 in collaboration with Isabelle Guyon. 

The genuine leather and high-quality nylon made it famous amongst the British royal houses. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been with her Le Pliage bags several times. To this day, the brand has sold over 30 million Le Pliage bags.

Longchamp has also been represented by some top-notch celebrities including Kate Moss, Coco Rocha, Alexa Chung, and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Kendall Jenner. 

Sixty-five years later, Longchamp is still owned by Jean Cassegrain’s family and has over three thousand employees. 

According to FORBES, Longchamp’s current net worth is over 1.5 billion dollars or 1.1 billion euros.


Now that we know all about Longchamp’s history and its signature handbag, let’s talk about the lucrative rumor.

Is Longchamp cheaper in Hawaii?

When you open the brand’s website, there is no way to differentiate prices between Hawaii and the rest of the United States.

So if you are in Hawaii or anywhere else in the US, the prices of Longchamp goods will be the same when ordered online. 

As for physical stores, the rumor is sort of true. Not only Longchamp but all other luxury brands are the cheapest in Hawaii.

The real reason behind this is that it’s a tax-free state but it is believed that all luxury brands see Hawaii as a place for their promotional stores. 

Now, you may find lower prices in Hawaii but remember the basic rule. Brands cost lower in their countries of origin than anywhere else.

This means that a brand made in the United States is cheaper there and a brand made in Europe costs less in European countries like France, England, and Germany. 

Tourists also get a tax return of twelve percent in Europe when they buy something above one hundred dollars.

Since Longchamp is a French luxury brand, it is the cheapest in Europe but when we talk about the United States alone, you can get Longchamp goods at the lowest prices in Hawaii. 

We wouldn’t recommend you travel all the way to Europe just to buy Longchamp bags.

If you live in the US, it is best to just plan a trip to Hawaii and shop all your Longchamp favorites at discounted prices. 

Some of the authentic stores displaying Longchamp’s collection in Hawaii are:

  • Bloomingdale’s- A departmental store in Honolulu.
  • BALLY Ala Moana Center Store- A leather goods store in Honolulu.
  • T Galleria By DFS- A fashion accessory store with a four-star rating by four thousand customers.
  • The Leather of the Sea-  A leather goods store in Honolulu.


Is Longchamp cheaper in Hawaii? The answer is a simple yes. Longchamp offers luxury leather goods at the lowest prices in Hawaii. 

Despite being an expensive country, Hawaii is heaven for shopping enthusiasts. Every renowned luxury brand including Longchamp costs less in Hawaii than in any other country in the United States.

Do not expect it to be as cheap as Europe though because, unlike European countries, tourists do not get a twelve percent tax return.

Make sure you compare the prices when shopping for Longchamp in Hawaii and choose the best deals. 

May you always get the best products at the lowest prices. Happy Shopping!


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