Liu Jo is an Italian brand that was founded by brothers named Vannis and Marco Marchi in 1995. The brand caters to clothing for men, women, and kids along with accessories for home and also for your pets. 

The concept of creating a clothing line revolves around bringing out and accentuating all aspects of femininity and manhood. The brand is invested in celebrating its Italian origin, future goals, and achievements by launching clothing every time. The 2021 campaign mainly brings out the focus on the J factor of the brand. 

The latest collection actually emphasizes bringing the iconic jeans by the brand to the forefront which always has been this amazing statement by the brand representing the glamorous and dynamic style of the creators here. 

When you walk into the stores of Liu Jo, you see that there is everything for everyone and for every event as well. From some flattering A-line dresses to printed blazers, the transition happens then and there for you. 

For a casual and relaxed look, you can shop from the White Label of the brand that carries some cute and stylish tees and loose ones too because everyone loves a cozy shirt to chill in. The Denim line is a statement for a reason as it fits perfectly and with the figure-hugging quality, it feels quite comfortable and chic too. 

Another reason why the brand is immensely popular among the natives is that it has been graced by some noticeable celebs. From top models like Karlie Kloss to fashion icon Kate Moss, you just can’t deny the popularity it holds. 

Is Liu Jo A Designer & Luxury Brand?

It most certainly is a designer and an affordable luxury brand if we are highly focused on the latter part. You can definitely afford to buy at this brand but it’s expensive so try not to go overboard. 

It’s definitely a luxury but an affordable one and since the quality is top-notch too, you won’t be having trouble with the quality or durability of a product you purchase from here for the long term. 

Are Liu Jo Bags Made In China?

It depends on the type of product honestly. It is possible that the raw material for the products you see here like accessories including the bags are sourced from China. Most of the products are made in Italy for finer quality. 

The brand actually retails in more than 50 countries around the globe. So it is not a surprise at all if the sourcing happens from different localities but there is no compromising on the quality at all. 

Are Liu Jo Shoes Comfortable?

You can find different types of shoes here that match perfectly with your day-to-day fit. The sneakers here though are the highlight of the entire collection you see. They are sporty, comfortable, and easy to walk in. 

Now, these features are highlighted because you generally don’t expect a brand like Liu Jo, an Italian fashion brand, to keep up with the comfort factor when it comes to making shoes. 

The collection you see around is mostly about comfort and feeling fabulous without putting yourself through any trouble. The pieces here are perfect for any type of style you are thinking about like layering for instance. Bringing the feminine look with a chic and laid-back approach really makes it easy to use again and again. 

Is Liu Jo A Chinese Brand?

Nope, Liu Jo is definitely not a Chinese Brand if you have seen its retail stores in Singapore or somewhere. 

The brand is definitely spread across many countries around the world and it is definitely an Italian brand making waves and not being Chinese at all. 

The brand has been putting together looks for decades now and has been popular among the fashionistas and has created the genre of “It Girl”. The women-approved styles have been making this one win hearts of many with quality and the best styles you can ever find. 

You can most certainly afford the clothes here but they do get a tad expensive as compared to your Target or GAP collection. 

Liu Jo has this sustainability manifesto that takes care of how the raw materials for the products are actually sourced and whether they are eco-friendly and sustainable or not. 

So with the right amount of aesthetics and the ethics in place for a brand like this, you can start shopping without any hesitation. 

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