The Lacoste brand was founded back in 1933 by the famous tennis pro-Rene Lacoste. The guy was an inventor, sportsman, and innovator, who revolutionized the tennis shirts and also invented the first-ever tennis ball machine. 

The brand is one of those slow broiler ones that actually reformed the sportswear look for a long time now. The best part of this reform was to introduce the preppy look that is very natural to the tennis nature. The brand with time became the symbol of the elite class modern wear that is centered around the finer symbol of sportsmanship across the United States. 

The brand is not just your usual fashion brand that caters to the needs of sportsmen and some similar wannabes. Lacoste is also known to introduce the preppy style of clothing with a mix of a bit low-key patterns and some urban styles so that everyone feels like wearing it. 

Is Lacoste A Luxury Brand?

To determine this fact there are a lot of things and factors that we need to consider. Usually, the price range of any product determines whether it is a luxury or not. 

There are some popular items here that do give you the idea of how huge shopping at this brand is going to be. Starting off with the polo shirts for both men and women that have a price tag between 90 to 189 dollars indicating the high quality of the polo shirts here. 98 to 295 dollars are the price ranges of the sweatshirts and sweaters at Lacoste but that also depends on the style and type of sweatshirt or sweaters. 

One important thing to notice is that Lacoste does these collaborations with other brands as well which makes some items much pricier than they already are. The brand also manufactures watches and bags and you can find them anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars which is definitely expensive and not something you can shop on a daily basis.

The quality of the fabric and materials used in the clothing often gives consumers the idea that they are buying luxury. Shirts are made out of cotton and wool with a blend of polyester as well.

The shirt’s fabric also does not shrink at all after several washes and looks great for day wear or even on the sports field. The material is very high-end, long-lasting, and durable but still isn’t something like silk or satin that is like a signature of extra luxury and many other high-end brands. 

The craftsmanship involved in making each of the products sold by the brand is definitely top-notch and does make the products last longer than you would expect. The majority of the products here are actually manufactured in France so that surely gives you the idea of how important it is for the brand to provide you quality and class all in one. 

The fabric has a great stretch that doesn’t let it lose shape or anything. With washes well and soft material that goes perfectly with the weather out on the sports field. 

All these qualities do not really make Lacoste the high-end luxury brand one might think of. The brand is still in the category of affordable luxury since the prices are not that much high as one might think. 

You can still afford to buy the products from here from time to time or every season even. But comparing the brand to Balenciaga would be a bit of a stretch. You need to realize that you can always get the same level of quality from other much higher-end brands but the prices are higher there as well. 

So Lacoste believes in providing quality affordable to everyone. 

Is Lacoste A Premium Brand?

Lacoste is definitely a premium sportswear brand when it comes to the quality fabric and finish of the products you get from here. 

As for prices, not so much. If you are really into the looks and have prices of premium quality as well, you can definitely head to other high-end brands that truly give you that kind of experience.

What Type Of Brand Is Lacoste?

Lacoste is a good quality sportswear brand that has been giving quality clothing for both men and women along with other accessories that complete your look. 

With a history of style and comfort, the brand strives to make the products accessible for everyone.

Is Ralph Lauren More Expensive Than Lacoste?

Well, definitely Ralph Lauren is much more expensive than Lacoste for sure. But then again you have to be mindful of the line of Ralph Lauren you are talking about. 

Ralph Lauren does have some affordable clothing lines that are accessible to all and are also quite affordable. But the Purple Label is something where you find the exquisite design and high prices of clothes that you wish to buy from the brand. 

Since Lacoste has not had any sort of distinction in the lines of clothing it has introduced, Ralph Lauren is definitely an expensive option than this one. 

You can always find much more affordable and quality clothing at this brand with different size ranges. At Ralph, women’s clothing like gowns and men’s tuxedos are much more expensive since they are clearly endorsed by celebrities as well. 

Lacoste has definitely introduced that even a non-sports fan can actually buy clothing from here to get the perfect urban touch to everyday wear.  

So whether it is something you want to lounge in or want to wear on a tennis court, Lacoste’s wide range of clothing has got you covered with quality, durability, and affordability. 

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