People who are used to shopping for fancy stuff can probably spot Kurt Geiger among the likes of Dior or Balenciaga. People who are not into the designer and high-end brands think of these brands as the same but this is where Kurt Geiger proves such people wrong.

This is a contemporary British brand and is all about the glam and glitz that you often see on the red carpet. The apparel collection, footwear, and accessories are filled with vibrant colours and stand-out designs that you would never see.

In the current fashion line up the brand is considered a main lister here and now that it has more than 500k subscribers on Instagram, we can say that it is pretty legit. This one has also been in the fashion news in Vogue, Hypebeast, and Who What Wear. 

And if you don’t want to buy that you can always look up mainstream celebs wearing this brand. Some of the prominent names on the list are Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner.

If you are serious about adding a bit of glam and as they say POP to your current wardrobe, then Kurt Geiger is just the right brand for you. 

What Is Kurt Geiger?

In the modern day, when fashion is all about inclusivity and diversity, the founder of this brand Kurt Geiger wanted to push the boundaries a bit more than one might think.

The designer founded this brand and decided to make clothes, shoes and accessories more bolder and unconventional. If you browse through the entire collection, there are crystals all over, so much to do with pearls and some really big and exaggerated bows that turned out to be brand statements.

The brand started with a small and humble boutique in London in 1963 and later went on to be the most celebrated brand there is. Now this brand has more than 70 luxury houses and more than 170 concession boutiques all over the world.

You can say, by looking at the collection, that while everyone keeps trying to go for a minimalist approach, Kurt Geiger is known for going big or just going home. This brand has a much larger fan base than one might think since it doesn’t conform to contemporary fashion statements.

Is Kurt Geiger Any Good?

The question here should be is Kurt Geiger able to do anything wrong? Because it certainly does not, like so far it hasn’t really. Kurt Geiger is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and that shows in his entire collection of everything you could think of.

If you are into excessive types of embellishments and vibrant colours that pop all the time, then you are in for a treat. Other than these exciting features, you would be happy to know that here the quality of everything is taken pretty seriously.

So if you are buying something let’s say a pair of earrings they are going to be made from really good pieces of equipment and that would stay with you as long as you want to. Obviously, with such designer jewellery, you have to be careful generally but the quality is not a worry here.

When it comes to shoes, Kurt Geiger is the kind of brand that knows what it’s doing. Do you want high heels? You got them and even if you want to tone it down a bit with a pair of casual sneakers, Kurt Geiger has got you covered. 

You can go from fancy shoes to casual and formal shoes in a giff here and since you get a wide range to select from, there is everything available here for everyone. 

Are Kurt Geiger Handbags Good?

Bags in general can make or break your entire body, so when we say you have to be careful with that, it ain’t a joke. 

The bags here are made from original leather and with simple yet outstanding designs you get to channel your inner mood and your outfit inspiration with these bags.

This brand has got it all from clutches, and carry-on bags to small wallets so that you can decide what you fancy for the day. 

For What People Kurt Geiger Is Suitable?

People who really believe in experimenting with their boring wardrobe and are always up for trying something new, Kurt Geiger welcomes you all. There is nothing wrong in going for minimalist looks but there is nothing fun about it either.

Since Kurt Geiger is all about trying something new and something that shocks people, you would often see Gen Z and millennials rocking the looks from here. 

For such colours and designs that are always bold and big, you need to be the kind that is ready to take risks. You can put on a big puffy jacket and look as incredible as someone who’s going for a simple yet nude-coloured coat. 

The brand is expensive so you need to be sure about your budget before you start taking fashion risks here. If you don’t have it there is nothing to worry about but there are certainly not many brands like this one.

The brand has been given a fair rating on different fashion blogs and on its website obviously, there are amazing reviews. People do have some mixed feelings about this one but again no brand is immune to that. 

You can always opt for safer and affordable options that are fashionable as well. But if you ever want to explore more, go to your nearest Kurt Geiger store or visit the brand online and check out what suits you the best.

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