Who is not into luxury bags that look like high fashion and are right on point with the trends as well? Well, Kurt Geiger is one of those brands that you need to check out if you are looking for a good fashionable bag because they are it.

This is a UK-based retailer that specializes in different fashion accessories and footwear. The brand is mainly popular for its beautiful collection of footwear and bags. 

The brand is famous and a bit expensive too but it is nothing in comparison to Chanel, Dior or any other luxury brand there. This one is mostly categorised as an affordable luxury and if not every month, you can afford it on a seasonal basis. 

The brand is also known for selling products from many other high-end labels like Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and so many others. This very fact kind of fueled a misconception about this brand that it owns Gucci which is false news.

The brand only sells the accessories and the footwear line Gucci and that is the extent of it. Kurt Geiger has its headquarters located in Clerkenwell London whereas Gucci has its headquarters in Florence, Italy.

Kurt Geiger, for a long time now, is the go-to brand for girls and young women that are all about trends and following them. It is a luxury brand but since it is categorised as an affordable luxury it has been an inclusive brand for many people.

Is Kurt Geiger Worth It?

The brand paved its way to success in a short amount of time as compared to other luxury brands that you see. Most of the brands have a rich family history or almost more than a century in the fashion business.

Kurt Geiger, with a steady pace, now has more than 170 concession departments in many department stores and has 70 stores all over the world and is known for its affordability, style, and iconic fashion pieces that are of good quality as well.

The brand gained some serious recognition when the latest Charlie’s Angels movie stars were spotted wearing these bags. You can see models on the runway rocking these bags at fashion shows and daily as well.

Before going shopping anywhere for that matter you should question yourself. Before buying a bag or footwear you should always look at the quality and the price tag it has on. 

The bags here are all about trendy looks, high fashion, runway looks, and making it chic without going crazy about it. The same aesthetic goes for the shoes here and without a doubt, you can see women all about it with every collection there is. 

The brand is famously known for creating an impressive balance of style and comfort in every product here. The bags here are a show stopper as not only they are available in different designs and style but because of the striking colours paired with pure leather, really does a number.

Shoes you often buy sometimes can cause problems like size issues, the material used in it can be tacky and so much more that you do not want in a shoe. 

This is where you know that you need to start shopping at Kurt Geiger because it is flawless with its footwear. They are true to their size and the fact that even heels here are comfortable so you really can not put a price on that.

Are Kurt Geiger Bags Really Good?

Kurt Geiger is known for their bags so technically there has got to be something mind-blowing about them. These lovely bags are adored by many people in the UK and the US because of the excellent construction, rich colours, and very luxurious appearance that every bag has here.

The best part is that you get great value for money here for even the most expensive-looking bags. Now, this brand may not be anything like Gucci or Dior but the fact that it is trying hard makes it unique in its way. 

While carrying a bag, sometimes even if you stuff your big bags too much they kind of lose shape and that is almost permanent damage to the bag’s shape and structure.

Here at Kurt Geiger, the bags are made out of soft leather so when you fill these bags they do not lose their shape and they stay true to their structures as well. 

You don’t get the exclusive designer value from these bags but definitely worth the price you paid for them. You can easily find them in the stores here and some other retailers as well.

But if you are a regular customer let’s say at Coach and we all know that that brand has some really good quality bags then you might be disappointed. The brand is considered superior to TopShop but you have to hand it to Coach if you are talking about the comparison here.

Even though the beginnings of this brand were humble, most of the recognition it has gathered is from pure hard work and dedication towards fashion while making it available for everyone. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the aesthetic here is diverse so if you are going for anything specific you might get it. It is a London-based brand so that makes diversity a compulsion along with the creativity and style of it as well.

You can always check out the website of this brand and catch some annual discounts available here on every product. 

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