Kipling is a very well-known brand when it comes to luggage bags and travel essentials. This brand is definitely a high-end brand for luggage bags but not necessarily a luxury for some people. 

There is a huge selection of bags from which you can choose like tote bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, wallets, purses, small and big luggage bags along with key chains as well. Among many other brands, the bags here are easily recognizable due to their bold, innovative, and creative design and styles.

The luggage line by this brand is made of durable and high-quality nylon material. Most of the brands use crinkle nylon to make bags that are also water-resistant and durable at the same time. But that nylon is lightweight so that kind of raises questions about holding a weight in a luggage bag. 

The brand makes all kinds of designs and styles of bags from high-quality and innovative materials so that you can use these bags for the long term. 

Kipling bags are extremely practical and useful and not to mention there are a lot of pockets in these bags which always come in handy. Other than being useful these bags are stylish and fun to carry so you don’t have to worry about ruining your look for the day. 

Kipling is known for manufacturing bags in unique and fun colors along with prints that give a valuable feel. The brand is also very famous for its heavy travel bags and school bags for children as well.

Kipling has been around for a while now since 1987. It is a famous brand in the United States and also the UK. 

Due to its immense popularity, the brand grew worldwide and is now available in more than 80 countries and has almost 7500 stores.  

Is Kipling A Popular Brand?

Kipling has been very popular ever since its inception and it has been like that even during the 90s. With all the other brands you can see style simply with the crinkled nylon but this brand has invented an innovative way to style this material with a blend of high-quality materials. 

Kipling is also known for its adorable monkey mascot that is buckled into different bags that you see here. In the 90s, you could see almost everyone carrying luggage bags and kids with school bags since it was the IT brand. 

Even though the bags by this brand are still being sold every 2 mins but with time the brand has kind of failed to evolve. The customer base of this brand used to have people of every age group but now you can see only young adults and teens investing in it.

Why Is There A Monkey On Kipling Bags?

While purchasing one of Kipling’s bags, ever wondered why there is a monkey attached to it as a keychain or logo? Monkeys are known to be a symbol of fun and adventure and so the founders thought of it as the perfect mascot for the brand.

Over the years, the brand made some changes in its bag designs and introduced different styles and the same happened with the monkey mascot. The monkey keychain now is more unisexual in style and less fluffy in appearance. 

Is Kipling A Good Brand?

Bags always come in handy be it small or big or for any purpose you have made the purchase in the first place. Kipling has been around for a long while now and even though you might not see the brand as hip or modern as the latest brands are you have got to admit the quality of these bags. 

These bags, to this date, look great and even with outfits, you can rock them, with your routine-based looks. These bags are extremely practical since a lot of pockets and it being comfortable to carry can be of a huge advantage than one might think.

Just carrying a simple luggage bag is nothing in comparison to the fun and adventure designs and colors of these luggage bags. These bags are kind of affordable but are these the ultimate luxury bags, not so much.

If you get an LV bag, then that is luxury but Kipling is considered an affordable luxury. So, if you are looking for something worth investing your money and if it’s luggage bags, Kipling is the way to go.

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