Kenzo is a famous French fashion house, a women’s and men’s clothing brand that has its head office located in Paris, France. Founded in 1970, Kenzo is known for producing some fascinating designs in men’s and women’s fashion that involve bold colors and jungle themes. 

The brand is definitely not confined to producing just amazing clothes but also accessories that include jewelry and an amazing line of perfumes as well. 

The brand totally has one-of-a-kind designs and styles that have the most successful one which is the tiger print that everyone is crazy about. The brand has a huge range of designers working on every collection that you see. 

And fun fact, the popular tiger print almost didn’t make it when it first came out. When the designers launched it after some apprehensions in the Fall collection, it became a signature design of the brand. 

Little did everyone know, now the brand is recognized by the very same tiger print. It is a design that added an exotic vibe to the entire brand and is still a keeper for the French brand. 

You know that a brand is popular when it is loved by all of your favorite and mainstream celebs. Some big names like Jay Z, Beyonce, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Lorde, and so many other names love to wear Kenzo. 

In 2018, the American pop star Britney Spears was actually the face of the brand for the La Collection Momento No. 2. If this does not scream the popularity of Kenzo, what else will?

Kenzo, over the years, has been doing some amazing collaborations that certainly caught the public eye. Like in 2016 the brand collaborated with H&M and it was a big success. 

The collaboration line of clothing and accessories was brought to the brand’s stores in November 2016. The line was impressive for the fashion game since it contained baseball caps that had a leaping tiger logo on them, a bright green jumpsuit, and also the famous Chelsea boots. 

These are a few of the famous items along with many other amazing quality fashion items in the collection. The hype of this collaboration was so real at the time. 

eBay sellers were all about buying the stocks of this collection at retail price and actually sold them seven times higher than the actual prices. 

Accessories are definitely a highlight of the brand, especially the perfume line really stands out. There is this one famous perfume by this French brand and it’s called Eau De Toilette by Kenzo and the distinctive feature of it is the bottle shape. 

The bottle shape is inspired by pebbles and this really made its sales go up after the launch of this perfume. 

Is Kenzo A Luxury Brand?

Of course, Kenzo is a luxury brand that not everyone can afford. Even though the brand does not have the same vibe or persona as Hermes or Dior, it is still considered a luxury for one to own. 

The Japanese influence of the brand really makes it stand out among all the other high-end fashion brands. With the solid and graceful European luxury touch, you can really tell that you are buying something worth your money and time. 

The over-the-top runway presence of this brand along with the amazing quality of the clothes really says a lot about everything you see in this store.

Is Kenzo An Expensive Brand?

Well definitely it is no match to the fashion houses like Hermes or Dior again, but the prices are definitely high as compared to your usual fast fashion brands. 

You can’t expect this brand to be of low quality for any accessory or clothing item. So if you feel like saving up for this one then that would make sense since a single shirt would cost you more than 300 to 400 bucks.

What Is The Number One Luxury Brand?

Chanel as of now is crushing the fashion scene when it comes to clothing, accessories, makeup, shoes, and anything that would fill your wardrobe with luxury. 

It is an expensive brand and the number one luxury brand right now in 2022.

Kenzo has a type of clothing that has some rich cultural influences too. So if you are feeling like doing experimenting with your style of clothing then checking this brand out would definitely be a good choice you would make today! 

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