Kenneth Cole is one of the famous fashion houses in the industry that is popular for its iconic fashion pieces and high quality as well.

Other than having stores you can also get the products from high-end retailers around the world. 

Almost everyone who loves to shop knows about this brand. The brand has not been around for as long as compared to many other high-end fashion brands. 

But once the public got to see the high quality and unique style of this brand, Kenneth Cole soon became a popular name when it comes to quality wear.

At the beginning that brand was all about footwear and definitely had the best collection in the market. 

Later on, the brand started to invest in men’s and women’s apparel and also accessories that turned into the massive empire that we all see today.

With several kinds of items in the collection the brand also has luggage options, slim shirts, men’s dresses, shoes, women’s backpacks, and casual and formal wear as well. 

The brand has a very strong and rich presence in the fashion world and has now become a household name for everyone.

It is a popular brand for a reason since it has been setting trends for women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. 

With more than three decades of experience in the market, this brand is the world’s most renowned brand.

It has built a strong reputation over the years for providing the best high-quality clothing for those who seek style with durability.

The designs, patterns, and the fabric used here mostly channels comfort as a priority with a blend of style and grace for the wearer.

For many years this one has been at the forefront of innovative designs and style in the industry if we are talking about the manufacturing process and final outcome. 

Regardless of the many iconic and amazing designs, this brand has produced over the years, it still strives to improve and bring something new to the table.

You can see new lines of clothing and accessories being introduced every season which are improved versions of the previous and always with something unique for you to experience. 

When you visit the store, you see these huge collections of clothes to choose from that are trendy and give you so many options to choose from.

There is a huge fan base of the brand that exists due to the brand’s consistency and commitment to providing quality and style all in one. 

Is Kenneth Cole Considered A Luxury Brand?

The brand Kenneth Cole is not considered a luxurious brand by the public since it is available for the masses.

The brand majorly comprises products that are in an affordable price range.

Although there are sections where you can get high-end products that do have high prices as compared to the affordable ones.

The Kenneth Cole Collection is a high-end brand and the subsections of the brand called Kenneth Cole Unlisted and Reaction are the affordable lines. 

The latter lines here are more affordable and accessible for the public and also make good quality shoes, handbags, clothes, and many other accessories. 

Even for the high-end prices of the brand, these prices are considered affordable as compared to many luxury brands.

The focus here is to ensure that a huge number of people should be able to afford high quality and build products somehow even if it’s seasonal for some people. 

Don’t be fooled by the affordable line which might have cheap prices but the quality here remains intact.

So you might want to double-check the overly priced shirt you got from a luxury designer brand that is available here for a couple of bucks. 

Like the most expensive collection of clothing and accessories would cost you around 1000 bucks roughly which is still affordable for middle-class people.

The Tribeca collection here is the most affordable one that you can find since the prices are from 50 to 70 bucks maximum. 

Who Manufactures Kenneth Cole?

There is a subsidiary branch of Haggar Clothing Brand called The Haggar Canada Company that is responsible for the manufacturing of men’s and women’s clothing collections.

These goods here are also distributed to different retailers and marketed properly by Haggar. 

Is Kenneth Cole Ethical?

The founder of the brand Kenneth Cole realizes the brand’s responsibility toward the environment and is not ungrateful at all. 

The brand took a noticeable part in the 2005 AIDS campaign and designed customized tees for the cause to raise more and more awareness.

It was a step toward progression and to help and comfort people who suffer from this condition by not making them feel alienated. 

The brand is known to take awareness-spreading steps through the collections it launches.

But it has gotten some heat due to this one sign the owner of the brand had put on a busy intersection in New York that said “Shouldn’t Everyone Be Well Read?” 

This one definitely did get a huge backlash since the brand was perceived as underperforming at the time in 2012. 

The owner of the brand took down the billboard and issued a public apology after that. 

So is Kenneth Cole a good brand at all? Definitely, this brand has a good name and fame in the society and most people do prefer shopping here. 

You get quality, affordable prices, and also some luxury options which are, let’s be honest still available and affordable for many. So if you feel like splurging, head to the brand’s store right now or visit the website. 

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