The brand started off as a sock and underwear company back in 1916, Kappa later on evolved and turned into an Italian sportswear brand in 1978. The brand was founded by the famous designer Marco Baglioni in Turin, Italy, and turned this brand quickly into a famous brand known for football in the European market. 

Given the brand was already in the highly fashionable European market, it was often in the spotlight for its unique and beautiful sense of fashion. The same goes for the brand’s logo, although the Omini logo came into existence out of sheer coincidence. 

The logo represents inclusion and gender equality by showing a man and woman sitting together in it. Kappa was a raging success in the 80s and this was thanks to the boy band, backstreet boys. 

The tracksuits by this brand were a signature style of the backstreet boys and everyone wanted them at that time. Soon after that some of the prominent names in the world of sports and fashion started loving the tracksuits and it became a global sensation in a short amount of time.

These tracksuits were a good example of high fashion and good level functionality that also provided comfort with fashion. The growth of this brand was amazing as it started off pretty simple and now it has become one of the most famous athleisure brands there is in the world. 

Everyone loves minimalist looks and Kappa is the kind of brand that gives you a whole range of athleisure from which you can choose. The main reason why Kappa tends to stand among all the other brands is in the functional and comfortable feel of the athleisure clothes here and also that you can always see some nostalgic 80s and 90s Impression on these clothes.

Meanwhile, in Europe, this brand has been thriving as a luxury athleisure brand but in America, this is known as a lifestyle brand. Not just for football or soccer, you can buy slimline clothes from this brand for any sport that you like or want these clothes too. 

Other than the shops you can easily find clothes of your size in different colors on the website of Kappa as well. 

Once you start shopping from here you really get to see why this brand has been popular for the past 5 decades almost and still is the number one choice for people. 

Many Americans even now are kind of misinformed about the brand for example something as simple as the logo of this brand that there are not actually two women in it but a man and a woman. 

Even though the brand is still popular in the States, that is much less than that in European countries. The heritage of this brand is mainly soccer or football in the early 90s. 

Is Kappa A Designer Brand?

Kappa is definitely an Italian fashion brand and that is all about being luxurious but with comfort for this brand in particular. There is a dedicated team of designers working on providing you with the best possible options in athleisure wear there is in the market. 

Is Kappa A Cool Brand?

In the 90s it became a success due to the pop sensation Backstreet Boys and many people wanted to check out these tracksuits also because the brand was gaining immense popularity. 

Although if you really are concerned about whether the brand is good or not, it doesn’t really tell you how it is good for the environment. There is no clear information about the brand that how it sources its materials and how it is impacting the crucial environmental conservation at the moment.

Is Kappa Still Popular?

Kappa is definitely one of those brands that many people check out because of the nostalgic impressions in the clothes. Although, these days people are more inclined towards more sustainable options and keep it clean even when it comes to clothing options.

So far there is no information on how sustainable this brand is and how it has been responsible for making even slight differences for the betterment of the environment. 

If you are really nostalgic or a fan of backstreet boys straight up but don’t know where to find the best clothes like it? Kappa is the kind of brand you need to visit. But it is definitely the best option if you want to live sustainably this year. 

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