Remember the time when everyone was ragging about the tracksuits from Juicy Couture and since the celebrities wore them everybody wanted in desperately. Thinking about Juicy Couture is always going to be comical and nostalgic for people who have been through its peak era.

With the trousers being all bedazzled with the shiny crystals and also wearing them in public was like wearing an expensive Hermes bag only it was kinda less expensive though. In the early 2000s, when y2k fashion was at its peak and brands were experimenting with minimal looks too, Juicy Couture was all about going big.

The colors and the style were all about maximalism and everyone was on board with it. Like when you would pick up a fashion magazine every celebrity was wearing one of these tracksuits like Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton. Not that these celebrities were being paid to wear clothes from here but simply because they liked them and on top of it, they were comfortable. 

The brand started in 1995 and this was the time right after the great recession of 1990 and 1991 and people who wanted to spend money were all about getting some expensive outlets or something similar. So the founders of the brand Skaist Levy and Nash Taylor came up with Juicy Couture to give luxury. 

Since it was not luxury but luxury-like so you could find casual shirts here labeled as couture. Within a short period of time, Juicy Couture gained more popularity had everything like accessories, tops, knit, and also the outstanding Juicy Jeans line. 

The founders of this brand grew up in the timeline of the 60s and 70s so they were extremely fond of the fashion trends back then and also the terry cloth. So you would see a lot of clothes like tops and bottoms made out of terry cloth and there was a huge collection of them. 

There was a signature Juicy V-neck top that was made sure to be as flattering as possible and the ladies loved it. The zip hoodies here were designed to cinch the waist and make the body look extra curvy and for some just enhance the curves. 

And not to mention, the tracksuits were hella expensive like they would normally start from 150 dollars which is kinda expensive for a tracksuit but still accessible for people. This was the era when everything was big and over the top, so the bright-colored tracksuits with big glasses and big bags kind of made sense for the majority.

Is Juicy Couture A Popular Brand?

The moment the brand came out in the limelight it gained instant attention from the masses. All the celebrities were obsessed with the bright tracksuits and the big bags by this brand so definitely it was very popular at the time.

People were really into it and the fact the clothes were extremely comfortable as well so that definitely helped the brand gain more and more popularity. 

Is Juicy Couture Still Popular In 2020?

After the great recession in 2009, the brand was not really in the game for the over-the-top fashion approach reasons. Everything about the brand that was loud and bright, that once people loved, was not as attractive anymore.

People were converting more into a minimalist approach in everything and this was the time when such brands got the time to shine. The fashion approach by Juicy Couture was being called cheeky and not on brand by most celebrities and fashion experts out there.

And now in 2020 recently, Juicy Couture is making a comeback in the fashion game by relaunching its website and some stores too, soon. It is all going to be trendy and you would get to have more choice than ever with a brand like this unlike in the early 2000s. 

What Age Group Is Juicy Couture For?

Juicy Couture was designed to be comfortable and chic for people that were considered millennials at the time and someone that won’t mind loud fashion like Juicy Couture. 

Juicy Couture is still the right kind to be worn by people who enjoy comfortable clothing and are just way too nostalgic about trendy fashion looks in the past. If you are a big Kim Kardashian fan then you would probably have one of the tracksuits lying around in your wardrobe still.

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