Watches are one of those accessories that have always been in demand. They give off a sophisticated image so even if you have your phone with you all the time, you wear one anyway.

There are some fancy and luxurious brands out there like Rolex and others that have some serious watch collections. But let’s be real, these watches are way too expensive and not everyone wants to spend their savings just for a watch. 

So if you are a watch enthusiast or just want the look of it, you should probably check out some affordable and quality options there. Joker and Witch is a brand that is going to be right up your alley for an affordable watch hunt.

People from all over the world want to have options in accessories that are not only good quality but affordable and stylish as well. In the past, these kinds of accessories were considered an add-on so if you get them, cool, if not it was not a big deal.

But since even watches now complete your look, it is kind of a compulsory item to have with formal wear or in general. 

Joker and Witch is an Indian brand and since it is inclined towards accessories as the main business, they do have an amazing variety of watches as well.

Accessories Market In India

With time, every part of the world and the people in it are convinced that imitation jewellery and accessories are the way to go even if you want to look fancy all the time. As far as the Indian fashion market is concerned, it has grown over the years by manifolds and is continuing to do so.

The accessories market in specific has grown in 2017 the profits of this industry alone were 280 billion rupees and it is predicted that it would grow up to 850 billion rupees by 2023. 

Until recently, the accessories market used to be categorised as an unorganized market. But the fashion trends keep evolving with time and hence the need to accessorize grew with time as well.

Now we can see that this market has become an organized one with time and in this region, the demand grows every single day. So today people, from every class group, have loads of choices to choose from but there are some essentials to consider.

Cost is a big one and there are not so many affordable options in the accessories section as well. So basically consumers need something that is affordable yet quality based and could last for a good amount of time. 

History Of Joker & Witch

One of the affordable brands out there that are also Indian is Joker and Witch. The brand was founded in 2015 by a married couple Maya Varma and Satish Singh in Bangalore. The couple started this business at their 2 BHK apartment where they used to pack and process hundreds of orders by themselves. 

The husband Satish is a marketing major and the wife Maya is an accessory designer thus the duo was extremely passionate about jewellery and watches. 

When it comes to watch-specific at that time, there were almost no brands here that were focusing on unique designs that could attract millennials and Gen Z specific. Gen Z and millennials are known to be aware of social and fashion trends happening globally so this area was lacking by many brands.

This is where Joker and Witch stepped in and changed the entire thing for everyone interested in watches and jewellery. 

Are The Watches Here Any Good?

First of all, there is a huge variety that you can choose from for both men and women. The brand is known for its chic and minimalist design and how important the product proposition is. 

The simple yet catchy designs are apparent in the design of these watches and the same is showcased on the website once you visit it. The style here is inspired by international trends and most importantly how celebs and fashion influencers have been carrying it.

Other than the trend following patterns, you can also find some classy designs in watches here that are a perfect imitation of old age and some unique dated designs. 

Now, these solely watch we are talking about, Joker and Witch have turned this very accessory into a jewellery form as well. You can find watches with bracelets attached to them and these are also available in gift sets as well. 

These watches and jewellery can make a great gift for someone. The brand takes pride in redefining the concept of gifting with watch combos that are put together thoughtfully by some talented designers that also work in-house.

Other than the products this brand already has, this brand in particular strives to deliver the best with new designs and something innovative and catchy for the consumers every month. 

As the brand is expanding, even more, the founders of the brand plan to add more categories of watches in particular like a smartwatch section that would also be diverse. 

There are going to be categories of accessories that would have independent production and distribution so there might be a new brand launch in the future as well.

Going for something expensive that is going to cost you a fortune is not something you should have to do if it is not convenient. Brands like Joker and Witch give you a huge variety to choose from and it is not just the design that sells here but also the practical and functional approach of these accessories.

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