The reason why the fashion industry never likes to fade its influence is that every day something new comes to the surface for new interests.

With people all around the world looking for something new every day, accessories nowadays are not considered add-ons anymore but something compulsory to complete the look.

With a lot of options these days it has become difficult for people to just go for a brand like that. A consumer shopping from an accessories brand wants quality, durability, trend, and affordability from the brand.

Most of the brands out there lack all of these qualities at once, hence the search part becomes difficult. 

One of the popular brands for accessories is Joker And Witch. Founded in 2015 by husband and wife Maya Varma and Satish Singh.

They started off from their Bangalore BHK apartment where the couple spent late nights packaging and processing all the orders by themselves. 

The husband Satish is a marketing graduate from MICA and the wife Maya has done her degree in accessory designing from NIFT. The couple was motivated about the business due to their passion for jewelry and watches. 

Though there are many brands out there selling watches and jewelry, most of them lack a certain design aesthetic. At Joker and Witch, you get what the millennials are looking for, from everyday wear to something for a casual hangout. 

Is Joker And Witch A Luxury Brand?

It might give you something that you can wear as a luxury but the brand is definitely affordable and accessible for everyone. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Joker And Witch?

The brand crafts affordable and aesthetic jewelry and watches for its customers. These designs are not unique but also have international appeal to them.

The designers of the brand make sure that the quality is delivered in the design and product composition of the accessories. 

Having a minimalist and chic style to the watches and jewelry is the main goal that the owners of the brand strive to achieve. The designs are definitely inspired by what is going on internationally.

From mainstream celeb looks to some inspiring global brands are also a source of inspiration for the brand.

Other than international influences, the brand also tries to create something that is a classic go-to for everyone and something that would be a statement every season. 

The jewels and watches you see here also have durability and quality to them. You can wear them with any outfit of your liking.

Most of the time people worry about jewelry being too heavy and just pulling down one’s ears and spirits. That is not the case with Joker And Witch. 

The watches and jewelry here are not only functional and practical to wear but also provide the ultimate comfort. So here you can find something for everyone and anyone you might want to give something special to. 

Speaking of giving something, you can also find gift sets here that are easily available. The brand has got pre-curated categories that include love triangles, watch and bracelet stacks, and love stacks for you to explore and choose from. 

This kind of holistic approach for everyone to choose from happens because of the in-house stylist that the brand has. That not only makes the brand stand out but also gives it the edge over other accessories brands out there. 

The Joker & Witch Marketing Strategy

The brand believes in three “I” rules; Innovative, Instagram, and Influencers. People are highly motivated to buy something when they see their favorite Influencers wearing or endorsing the same brands. 

The brand does make its marketing more impactful through social media use, especially on Instagram where the visual sells.

The quality of the content can really make or break the reputation of a brand these days. This not only engages more public and profits but also creates a community where people have a sense of belonging. This helps with increasing the credibility of the brand with every step moving forward. 

The brand Joker And Witch has been making waves ever since its origin. The reason why the brand has been so successful so far is that it has evolved over time and believes in innovation.

The contemporary methods of having a physical store and making sales are still very crucial. But keeping up with the modern trends of marketing and fashion can really help a business grow to its fullest potential. 

So next time when you are looking forward to buying some fun and amazing jewelry and watches, all you have to do is head to Joker And Witch and start shopping.

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