Jo Malone is a British brand that is popular for its scents and scented candles. The brand was founded in 1990 and later on joined the Estée Lauder family in 1999. 

The brand now markets and sells its products in more than 69 territories and countries. It is a famous English lifestyle brand that is popular among people for its carefully curated scent portfolio along with bath, home, and body essentials. 

If you are in need of a scent that oozes class and gives off exquisite grace, be it candles or perfumes, Jo Malone is the place where you need to be. The scents here make you feel luxurious and at peace as compared to so many fragrances in the market sold by so many high and low-end brands. 

The packaging of this brand gets a ten out of ten from perfume lovers since it comes in a black and white box with a ribbon on it. So in short the products here never cease to amaze people whether they be for her or him. 

The brand is known to fuse modernity and traditional touch in a very specific English manner that makes it the remarkable brand it is. There is a huge range and variety that you can choose from whether it be some glorious scented perfumes or candles for your relaxing time. 

The brand gave the art of perfumery a new meaning when it came up with a unique blend of fragrances that were unexpected for many but still pleasant. The ingredients of every scent are very earthy and with the combination of essential oils, you get something that is a playful and delightful experience. 

The brand to this date keeps on inspiring people to get the best of the day with the products and keeps on introducing innovative ideas to make it better for you. 

Is Jo Malone A Luxury Brand?

Well, the sweet fragrances and the amazing quality of scented candles definitely make it a luxury brand. When you talk about a high-end brand like this you should be expecting high prices for the products as well. 

These products are definitely not for everyone since not everyone can afford or has this high-end kind of lifestyle as well. But if you are one of those people who like to treat themselves from time to time or want to buy a gift then going for Jo Malone is going to be the best possible decision.

The brand has got some great reviews on the internet and for first-time buyers, there are also some tips that can be useful. Since every fragrance here is phenomenal you should take your time and explore the entire store. 

For each scent and candle, a lot of time and craftsmanship has been poured into delivering the best and most exquisite collection for you to try. The better the fragrances get the higher the chances are for them to be more and more expensive. 

English Pear and Freesia are one of the popular ones among the rest of the phenomenal line of scents you would see here while exploring the creative process of the brand. 

Is Jo Malone High End?

Jo Malone is definitely high end so don’t be surprised when you come across high price tags for every scent and candle that you can see in the beautifully curated collection at the British brand.

What Is So Special About Jo Malone?

You can surely find many fragrances out there but what sets Jo Malone apart from others is the unexpected and innovative ways. The unexpected and pleasant combination of different ingredients creates a beautiful every time you come across a new fragrance or scented candle here. 

If you feel like getting some suggestions on what to try, we’d recommend going for the Pomegranate Noir Cologne, Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, and also the Pony & Blush Suede Cologne. 

Jo Malone is known as iconic and classy when it comes to the fragrance business and we are definitely convinced by it. The quintessential notes of every fragrance make it a new experience for you to love, adore and even purchase if you really want to. 

 The brand for sure is definitely not for everyone and the reasons are quite obvious at this point. If you still can’t hold back from the luxury line of scented candles and fragrances then it is time that you start saving up for the favorite one at Jo Malone – that you fell in love with upon your visit! 

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