We all have been at some point in our lives when we desperately wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos in our wardrobe or in our most prized shoe collection. Jimmy Choo is the kind of brand that does make people save for the perfect pair of shoes without minding at all. 

This is a 25-year-old brand and without a doubt, you can say that it has had a cult following over the years. The entire collection of different products here is highly associated with high fashion, class, and exquisiteness of people who love fashion. 

Jimmy Choo is one of those brands that is loved by royalty and people who love to splurge money without giving second thoughts. It is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world known for designing high-quality shoes that identify as luxury wear for sure.

If you are a true Jimmy Choo fan, you must be aware that how stilettos are a thing here at this brand and have been redefined as one of the most glamorous footwear there is. With the collection there has been launched by the brand, it has always been about going beyond boundaries and giving the public something unique and unexpected. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Jimmy Choo?

The designer Jimmy Choo is a well-known name in the fashion world who designed his first-ever footwear at the age of 11. This was the time he really got to showcase his inner flare and sense of fashion to the world. 

The designer moved to the UK to pursue his studies while working on his at the time shoe brand called Lucky Shoes in the 1980s. The designer opened his first-ever store in 1986 and was certainly identified for his unique style within the short time of two years only.

This was also the time when Jimmy Choo was getting all the good attention and also got to be featured in an eight-page feature at none other than Vogue. During the 1990s, the brand was still considered small since only 20 pairs of shoes were being made by hand here every week. 

What really gave this brand a boost was when Princess Diana wore one of Jimmy Choos’ slingbacks at a royal event in 1997 and for the brand the rest is history. 

What Is So Special About Jimmy Choo?

The style of Jimmy Choo is specified and is highly focused on a sophisticated clientele demographic. Jimmy Choo, from the beginning, has been focused on a specific aesthetic that is all about being sexy, fashionable designs and styles, and commendable Italian craftsmanship. 

This was considered the pinnacle of high fashion by the end of the 90s and everybody wanted a piece of it. This was the time that you could spot every celebrity wearing shoes by this brand from catwalks to red carpet appearances, Jimmy Choo was all over the place in a popular way. 

Later on, the brand got even more recognition for not just its footwear but also other accessories like sunglasses, perfumes, leather goods, bags, and everything that needs to give you the signature Jimmy Choo glamourous look. 

How Much Do Jimmy Choo Shoes Cost?

Well, it is a luxury footwear brand so you can’t really expect to have Target prices here at all. Jimmy Choo is on the same level as Christian Louboutin when it comes to good quality and high-priced shoes in the market. 

The shoe range here can go anywhere from 400 dollars to easily 2000 dollars and even more. People who love and know the brand really well, know for a fact that getting a pair of Jimmy Choo is more like an investment, and they do certainly last a lifetime once added to one’s collection.

The most expensive shoes there by Jimmy Choo are the Avril shoes. These shoes have a crystal-covered heel which is not something that you would see normally at all. 

These shoes are priced at 4700 dollars and are known as a piece of art among the brand’s fan base and the fashion industry. But if you are on a budget and still want to experience what this brand has to offer, then you can easily go for something above 500 dollars available here. 

Even though the prices of some pieces are somewhat affordable, there is still no compromise on good quality and durability which is a promise by the creators at Jimmy Choo. 

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