Hush Puppies is a very familiar brand for people who go footwear shopping with families since it is a place where you can get everything for everyone. The motto of this brand is to be on the brighter side of life and live it optimistically.

The brand was founded back in 1958 and it was all about casual shoes for the perfect casual life. The idea behind the name was to silence the foot-aching dogs which are kind of corny but since the shoes here were comfortable so it kind of worked as well.

Back in the 50s all shoes that were being made used to be in colors like black or white and even if you rarely got any variety, it would be in women’s collections only. Hush Puppies was the only brand at the time that started making colorful shoes to brighten up your wardrobe.

The brand used to throw in every color of the rainbow so that you would have every pair matching your every outfit. Bright colors like yellow and green could be easily found in men’s, women’s, and kid’s collections as well. 

The best part is the different types of shoes you can always find here when you have absolutely nowhere else to go. From sneakers to coat shoes to some fancy high heels, Hush Puppies has got you covered. 

Whatever the shoe type may be, you can always find the perfect size and fit that is of good quality and lasts you for many years. While shopping for footwear, one thing that everyone has in mind is that the sole needs to be perfect and it needs to be comfortable. 

At Hush Puppies, it is made sure that even the heels are comfortable with the best walking experience that you could possibly get. The shoes here also have a supportive grip and if you look at casual comfortable shoes specifically here then you definitely won’t be disappointed.

The way a pair of shoes smell is important to consider and here it is made sure that the sole and entire build of shoes is odorless and gives you the best experience possible. 

One of the most popular shoes here is definitely the kicks that everyone loves and can get. Kicks are available in different sizes and styles for men, women, and children so basically it is a one-stop-shop for you and your family.

While thinking of comfortable shoes, one might end up thinking about something that does serve the purpose but is not as appealing as you want it to be. At Hush Puppies, when it comes to visual appeal, things are done differently and it is made sure that comfort happens with style. 

The loafers and the pumps here look really upscale and they are also available in different styles and colors so you really have a lot to choose from. Most of the shoes here are available in bright colors, but if you are looking for something neutral and toned down, you can also look at the huge collection of those too. 

Why Are Hush Puppies Shoes So Good?

Comfort comes first when you go out for any kind of wardrobe shopping and the same rule goes for your daily routine shoes. Hush Puppies swears by this rule and has successfully paired it with style and catchy designs so that you get to flaunt in comfort with style.

A lot of people on the internet and the loyal fan base of this brand have so many good things to say about the brand in terms of how a perfect pair of shoes should be. The biggest catch of shopping here is that this brand gives you all the variety at a very affordable price. 

Affordable prices and quality is a great thing to pair together and also to keep people coming back to your brand every season. 

Is Hush Puppies Real Leather?

Yes, Hush Puppies uses genuine leather to make shoes and mostly you can find these in the men’s collection. The leather used is strong and durable that can be easily worn on a daily basis and won’t ever give up on your casual wear and tear. 

Along with the leather use, it is made sure to add soft cushion foam soles in every shoe that you get from here. Mostly you would find them in the close pumps or shoes that are made for walking and running on a daily basis.

Are Hush Puppies Shoes Still Popular?

This American brand of casual footwear has been in business for a long time now and definitely a go-to spot for people who love comfort with a hint of style. Of course, you can still buy shoes elsewhere but quality, durability, and affordability are guaranteed here. 

The brand has more than 100 stores worldwide and in every part of the world, people prefer the brand over any new or trendy one that you see showing up on your social media feed. These shoes are affordable and with prices like 30 dollars for a good pair of shoes, you can not find something like that at Gucci or Balenciaga.

If you are really into the best-looking casual shoes and don’t want to put in that much effort, then Hush Puppies is the right place for you. The perfect pair of kicks from this brand can really last you longer than you think and for way too affordable prices, not a bad deal to grab.

You can easily go to the stores in your neighborhood and visiting Hush Puppies online store is always a good option for saving your time. 

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