While backpacking for any holiday you have ever wondered if you could get a better bag than the one you have been using for ages and it is time to give it up? Herschel is here to tell you the same with the perfect travel products that include the perfect traveling bags. 

The brand kicked off in 2009 in Vancouver, Canada. The founders of the company named it after a small village they used to live in. 

The goal of starting this brand was to manufacture pieces that would be retro, of great quality, and timeless pieces for everyone. In less than 15 years the brand has become a trademark when it comes to travel products and is also popular in every city. 

The backpacks here are a highlight just in case you were looking for a new one. Along with other traveling essentials, this brand has become popular worldwide and plans to expand even more. 

The founder and the creative minds of the brand take pride in creating classic, timeless, and minimalist pieces that are loved by all. With the aim of global domination with their products, there is so much to the brand than just backpacks. 

You can find wallets, satchels, travel accessories and so much more that are a staple in every region when one decides to travel. To be in a business and that too an expanding one, you have to be careful with your decisions. 

So Herschel considered letting in investors during the expansion period of the brand. The current investors are Alliance Consumer, Eurazeo, and HOOP Capital working closely with the brand. 

These investors would be a way of global expansion for the brand and also spread awareness about the products. These investors with Herschel also have a history of supporting local brands and new ventures. 

The popularity of the brand can be known as a noticeable factor as a cultural phenomenon. If you put on any teen movie and show you would see one of the students wearing a Herschel backpack to school or at least someone carrying one of the products in the movies. 

They are also very popular among adults because of their strong build and cool features that come in handy for traveling. These bags can be easily made compact while traveling.

While traveling the last thing you need is anything taking up any extra space. Bags at Herschel save you that kind of worry since some of the bags can be easily folded in and take very less space. 

The durability of these bags comes from using materials like ripstop nylon. These bags give you a versatile look and a lot of options that also include a lot of pockets, and easy drawcord closure, and the best part these are water-resistant. 

Is Herschel A Luxury Brand?

Not that much expensive but these bags most certainly are more expensive than your regular backpacks. Normally a good backpack would cost you like 50 bucks but here the price ranges up to 150 dollars.

This is kind of pricey but still not too much as compared to the fancy brands that you see. 

Are Herschel Bags High Quality?

The classic and modern designs of these bags go well with everything you want to pair them with. More than appealing, the main thing that attracts people to these bags is a perfect quality and so much room for stuff without taking up that much space. 

These bags are made of Nylon and are water-resistant as well. So while buying a good travel bag, you know that you are investing in something that would work for the long run which might even be for generations. 

Is Herschel Worth Your Money?

The minimalist pieces here are designed to make sure that these feel perfect for people who travel on a daily basis. These bags are practically designed to increase the utility factor for a traveler. 

Most of the time, especially in this day and age, a shopper wants to know about the ethical practices of a brand. So for that, there is not a lot to say about the brand. 

There is no evidence available about the brand’s labor practices and how it sources them for its products. This makes it a transparency issue and for that, you might want to think twice before buying products from here. 

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