Guy Laroche is a French fashion line and you know it is about to get fancy once it gets French. The brand was founded back in 1957 and the aim was to change the fashion game by liberating modern-day women and keeping them comfortable while maintaining the chic and elegant elements.

The brand had a wide variety of clothes for both men and women that included pants, dresses, coats, leather goods, and other accessories like fragrances, watches, and so much more. The brand is now headed by Marcel Marongju who intends to keep the magic alive and well respected. 

Guy Laroche is an important name in runway fashion. And even though the brand does give you affordable luxury options, the materials used in each and every product are premium.

This is not as affordable as off the rack but in comparison to the limited edition collection, you can get some really good deals here. If you look up the reviews online, you’ll notice that the most beloved item here is the jacket and coat that have a unique check design and details to them. 

The leather used in the jackets is of premium quality and style and it can last longer than you think. If you are spending way too much money on a premium brand like Guy Laroche, expecting good quality is almost inevitable. 

Since the brand is now more into sustainable practices and reducing production waste, there you get affordable options and the use of faux leather as well. The perfumes in the accessories section are a stand-out product, especially in the men’s collection. 

Is Guy Laroche Popular?

Guy Laroche, from the time of its inception, has been creating major fashion and trendy waves in the industry. Celebrities are the best way to market your product. Guy Laroche also took that path for success. 

You can see Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana wear some of the iconic dress coats and shirt dresses and they did do justice to the noteworthy designs. 

The designer Guy Laroche was also a popular name among fashion designers and for his continuous fashion contributions, he was also awarded Legion d’Honneur, a prestigious award by the French government. 

Is Guy Laroche A Luxury Brand?

Guy Laroche is more like an affordable luxury as compared to the high-end brands you have. You can get good discounts and special offers on the annual sales of both men’s and women’s collections. 

Although there is a limited edition runway collection that gives you the perfect runway couture looks of the recent season. 

The brand was not always this kind of high-end and premium looking since the founder of the brand started off in his apartment and that’s how it began the fashion sensation it is now. Guy Laroche started designing clothes from a very early age and used to sell his designs to Yves Saint Laurent. 

Later he started designing and practicing his craft with some famous French designers and that made him open up his own signature style brand after his name, Guy Laroche. 

Is French Fashion Considered Good?

France is known for its beauty in fashion and how it has been iconic in creating some of the most popular looks and fashion figures in history. All of the haute couture brands hold their massive-scale fashion shows in Paris since most of them originated from here as well. 

One of the most iconic fashion brands in France is Chanel. This fashion label has a score of 171 points on the National Brands IPX. Louis Vuitton stands at 161 points and third place goes to Christian Dior with 154 points on the IPX. 

Fashion in France is all about looking casual without putting in much effort and staying chic with anything you do. Although style in Paris is a tad more sophisticated and chicer than that of French but still holds importance in the fashion world. 

Women and men tend to mix it up while putting together any type of look they want to go for. It is always a blend of chic and comfortable along with formal and casual. 

So you would rarely see anything over the top happening here and the same goes for accessorizing and make-up looks as well. So, if you are highly attracted to a French fashion line, it is high time that you put it to the test. 

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