As a consumer, are you brand conscious? Do you look for quality brands that will stand the test of time?

If so, then you may have heard of Good-Fellow. But what is the quality of their products? Are they worth your hard-earned money?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Good-Fellow and determine whether or not they are a quality brand.

We’ll talk about their history, stores, and products, as well as the benefits they provide and their human rights policies.

About Brand History And Their Stores

Goodfellow is an American big-box retailer that is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

George Dayton established the Goodfellow Target Corporation in 1902. Goodfellow Dry Goods was the company’s original name.

Later in 1903, the company was renamed Dayton’s Dry Goods, and in 1910 it was renamed Dayton Company. And in 1967, the parent company was known as Dayton Corporation.

In 1969, Target and J.L. Hudson Company got integrated and became Dayton-Hudson Corporation. The Dayton-Hudson Corporation was renamed Target Corporation in the year 2000.

Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States and now owns 1,926 stores across the country.

Target started Starbucks Coffee counters. In 2006, it launched the “fresh” store line, which boosted its grocery range by up to 200 percent in general merchandise stores.

It offers perishable and frozen foods, baked goods, meat, and dairy products.

Reasons Why Goodfellow Considered a Good Brand

Let’s discuss a few reasons below why Target is one of the most popular retailers today.

Target offers Shipt which enables customers with same-day delivery in less than an hour. Target has also started expanding their services, such as Drive up, which allows customers to get to their nearest Target store, and have their order placed into their cars by a store employee.

Target seems to retain a great deal of success with private brands, as its in-house lines generally have more profit margins than mass-market brands.

Lastly, Target is growing its efforts to acquire holiday sales by providing free shipping on dozens of orders during the holiday season, and doubling the number of employees to ensure order fulfillment as soon as possible.

About Their Products

Target Corporation’s products are made in several countries, such as the United States, China, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

From clothing to household products to electronics and toys, they offer a large variety of food and other merchandise.

List of their products:

  • Clothing items and accessories for women, men, and kids
  • Furnishings
  • Household essentials
  • Patio and garden
  • Home decor
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Musical instruments
  • Movies, music, video games, and books
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Beauty
  • Personal care
  • Pets
  • Luggage
  • School and office supplies
  • Party supplies

Benefits Of Their Stores

Target Corporation is always working for new ideas to offer ease and convenience to their customers along with maintaining the highest supplier and product manufacturing standards.

No need for membership, they are happy to offer industry-leading delivery, shipping, and pick-up services and you can also shop from their website “” from your home, work, or anywhere else.

They also offer a credit or debit card that gives perks like 5% off Target Runs (including in-store Starbucks) and free 2-day shipping on dozens of products every day.

They have a tradition of donating 5 percent of their earnings to charity to improve the community, and their volunteers contribute more than 1 million hours to their communities every year.

Women operate nearly half of their 1,800+ Target stores.

Target’s Customers

According to Target customer reviews, most of the customers had a positive experience and are satisfied with the company’s products and services.

Here are a few reviews and comments from Target customers:

  1. The quality of products and the effort they put in for customers are great.
  2. Professional and efficient forex broker. They are always accommodating and helpful.
  3. Great customer service and great assistance
  4. Great customer service and clean stores
  5. Investing and getting positive returns is all I ever wanted. Thanks to Target employees
  6. I love Target, excellent service.
  7. I’m extremely satisfied with Target’s service

Human Rights And Labor Policies In The Supply Chain

Target requires all of its sites to maintain a fully functional HR department that follows the guideline that no prospect can be employed until they have been authorized by HR.

The only exceptions are for temporary and contract labor.

Their ethical sourcing audit process, audit history, and several risk intelligence sources help them to identify the risk of forced labor. They also keep a careful eye on NGOs and other brands to detect and eliminate risks.

They provide wages, benefits, and working conditions that are fair and by the law, to all their employees. Their employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Their employees are expected to work 60 hours per week, including overtime. If a facility’s local law differs, it must be followed.

Their purpose and mission are “to help all families discover the joy of everyday life”. They promise surprises, entertainment, simplicity, and motivation at every point, no matter when and where you sho.


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