There’s science and technology behind everything these days. This standard marks the stable and reliable standards of living for everyone. 

The same goes for what you wear and with what kind of pair of shoes. It is easy to get swayed by some posh brand or something that you saw your favorite influencer wear on your Instagram feed. 

But if you are going to spend your money on something it might be a keeper than wearing out after a season’s use. Geox is a brand that specializes in making footwear for both men and women along with clothing. 

The feature that really sets this brand apart from all others is the technical benefit of wearing them. The shoes and clothes are made out of breathable and waterproof fabric which is not that common. 

This Italian brand was founded in 1995 and has been a headliner among the public ever since its inception. The name of the brand is derived from the Greek language which means earth and technology. 

Other than style and trendy fashion, the brand has also invested a lot into technology and innovation with time. From day one the brand has hired an expert team of chemists, engineers, and physicists that made it possible that people would get the utmost out of every single purchase made here. 

The research is focused on how the human body temperature and perspiration help with the materials that are being used in the shoes and the clothing collection. 

Not only this but Geox also is known to work with different universities and research labs in order to achieve maximum results. This makes the innovation process for the brand continuous and hence makes it deliver the best to the consumers. 

What makes a brand even more appealing to the public? When you hear that your favorite celebrities are wearing them too and not because it is a paid promotion. 

The owner of the brand mentioned in the interview that the celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Russell Crowe do not endorse the brand but are definitely spotted wearing the shoes especially. If this would not spike the sales for a company what else will?

The brand has sold millions and millions of shoes ever since it was founded. The Italian origin of the brand does make it reliable for people since quality is assured when the products you buy are made in Italy. 

The innovation and the breathable technology of the shoes are something that you see every day. The brand has some strong roots in the Chinese market and it is going strong ever since. 

There is a huge Chinese audience in the customer base of the brand that is all about the comfort and durability of the shoes most importantly and clothing as well. So with certain advancements, fans are growing all over the world. 

Is Geox A Luxury Brand?

No, Geox is not a luxury brand and that really seals the deal for many people. Quality shoes that are not only durable but also with breathable patent technology, it does not get better than this.

For some, in comparison to the luxury brands, this brand would not seem that much expensive to many. 

But the prices do tend to get higher for some articles here as well. 

Is Geox Popular In Italy?

Geox is a popular brand in Italy and many people prefer them for comfort. 

Although if you put these shoes against the stylish Italian footwear brands, it might lose some points for that that is it. 

Does Geox Use Real Leather?

The brand is known to use high-quality materials whether it be the breathable rubber soles or the leather composition of these shoes.

The leather in the shoes is used both inside and out and feels super comfortable, unlike your normal boots. 

What Is So Special About Geox?

The patent breathable technology helps you with your walks and daily routine. On a hot summer day, the rubber sole of normal shoes tends to wear out much quicker since there is no breathing space. 

Geox shoes can last more than one summer season and still the sole would not be affected due to the breathable technology. 

If you want to get something that helps you with your walk and is not too harsh on the pocket, Geox is the best option to go with. 

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