Founded in 1949 by Bernard Gant, Gant is a well-known American-Swedish brand that is known for its contemporary take on classic styles. Gant has a wide range of clothes for both men and women that consider having class and comfort the first choice. 

Is Gant A Luxury Brand?

Well, every article you see here shows premium quality, especially the men’s wear collection. Even when it is about comfort, people with wealth and certain stature like to have a luxury in everyday wear as well. 

Take it from celebrities, you see them wearing a simple polo-like shirt which you might think is from GAP but is indeed from a luxury brand. The one that you have at Target or GAP is actually a dupe or just a knock-off version of it. 

The shirts and polos at Gant are popular among many celebrities actually like some of our favorites, for example, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, and many that are mainstream popular celebs. 

If that doesn’t make the brand luxurious what else will? 

The reason why Gant is considered a premium luxury brand is that not everyone can buy clothes from here all the time. You might be able to afford a shirt every once in a while but since it is very expensive, you just can’t even convince yourself to go shopping here every time. 

The reason why people love to shop here is that the brand knows how to make its consumers feel special. It won’t be a stretch if you say that Gant is equivalent to Hugo Boss or even Calvin Klein. 

At Gant, fashion can become a way of showing off your wealth and it is certainly a popular brand among men as compared to women. 

The brand has more of a masculine vibe so most of the time you’ll see men shopping from here. The collection at Gant has just the right amount of colors loved by all men and the design and styles really make these shirts and pants stand out. 

You can find different colors that can make a perfect contrast with some neutral-colored pants, perfect for a day out. Gant uses high-quality cotton to make the premium collection you see on display. 

One of the best sellers here is the Gant Oxford polo shirt. It is the ultimate choice for men whether it is a day out or they are just simply looking for flawless luxury. 

The good quality of the brand and the amazing rugged style really make it tough for anyone to not notice. 

Is Gant A Good Brand?

Gant has been popular among people for many years now and since its inception, it has been a statement in people’s wardrobes. 

Gant was widely popular in the 1950s because it was considered a must-have shirt for everyone. Along with the high-quality materials being used in it, the brand also had the reputation of unique cuts and aspects to shirt making that were really popular among people. 

This kind of style was even hard for the competitors of the brand to copy. 

Even now the brand has some unique designs and patterns that you can hardly find anywhere that too of good quality. 

The cotton used in the clothes is durable, comfortable, and breathable that is also ready to wear anywhere. The lengthy cotton fibers ensure that the fabric is comfortable to wear and long-lasting. 

The concerning part while shopping is that when you buy a shirt or a brand it should be durable and long-lasting. You can definitely wear these shirts again and the colors stay vibrant for a long time along with good quality. 

So far Gant has been nailing the style of all times for a long time now. If you want something that looks luxurious and comfortable at the same time, Gant is the one and only place you can find both. 

It is all about putting on a simple-looking shirt from Gant and making it look fabulous without putting in much effort at all. In this day and age, you can easily find knock-offs of anything. So might want to watch out for scammers out there if you are actually looking for a Gant shirt. 

With the rich history of style and comfort for men and women, Gant has been the number one choice of many people of different ages which nothing but quality and style. 

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