What do women love? Shoes and that too of every kind for every season. We were not surprised when during an interview Rihanna answered free shoes for everyone as a response to what she would want for eternity. 

Shoes can really make or break your dress game whether it is casual or for something fancy. Either way, you need to be careful and selective with your choices since quality and style are equally important. 

If you are a woman and a good-quality shoe connoisseur then you definitely would have heard of Franco Sarto. These shoes are considered to be highly fashionable and the best quality you could ask for along with the huge variety. 

Originated in Venice in 1990, Franco Sarto is a designer that lived for style and comfort and channeled it into footwear. These shoes are for every woman and would go perfectly with every kind of dress and occasion. 

From your dress sandals and flats to some amazing quality knee-high boots, this footwear brand has definitely earned a place in a modern museum. 

With 51k followers on Instagram, we’d say that your favorite shoe brand is doing pretty well. This brand was also featured in magazines like US Weekly and BuzzFeed. 

Boots here are definitely a highlight of the entire collection. You feel like turning on your boss and confidence mode, this is where you head for the supplies. 

The knee-high, thigh-high, and calf-high boots are perfect for you to get the perfect fit of your choice. These also come in heels that are not too sharp but definitely something that would lift your confidence levels. 

The suede material used in the boots gives them a very chic and comfortable look which is just perfect for wintertime so that you stay warm on your toes. 

You can also get some leather shoes if you are feeling fancy and want to splurge. The best thing about these shoes is that they don’t really wear out that easily. 

You often spend so much money on shoes but it all goes down the drain if you don’t get good quality, hence the durability of the shoes is compromised. Good quality shoes can last for a lifetime and Franco Sarto does give that kind of satisfaction. 

Is Franco Sarto A Luxury Brand?

Not really and that is the most popular factor among the ladies. Buying shoes that really show your unique sense of style and are comfy should not be made expensive. 

And Franco has got you covered. From simple slides to heels to some cute boots you can shop for more shoes the merrier. 

One might think of the boots as expensive but the prices start from 100 dollars and a maximum of 160 dollars. So this is definitely not a bad deal when these are pure leather shoes and boots. 

If you feel like having sustainable options, then you can definitely go faux leather which also has an amazing lifetime and quality finish that one would look for. 

Is Franco Sarto A Designer Brand?

The brand was formed by an Italian designer known as Franco Sarto. So definitely it is a designer brand that is popular for great quality shoes. 

Is Franco Sarto An Italian brand?

Yes, Franco Sarto is an Italian brand that originated in Italy but also has outlets in the United States. 

Are Franco Sarto Shoes Good Quality?

Franco Sarto is the kind of brand that is only for people that love style and quality all in one. I order or cater to a certain minimalist aesthetic, the brand makes sure to deliver the best of all shoes for women.

Most of the footwear here is designed to be aesthetic, classy, chic, comfortable, and unique so that not only it compliments your dress but also your personality. Surprisingly of all the shoes here you won’t find any sneakers or kicks here that are very common streetwear for a lot of people. 

Most of the time people wearing sneakers look for comfort in order to get through the day. But who’s to say that style can not be made comfortable. 

Franco Sarto is here to diminish that misconception of all women that have jobs or even like to feel fancy at times without the need of going to work. Once you visit the store and online you would definitely fall in love with the sophisticated color palette of these shoes.

So it is still not late to check this brand that is holding the perfect pair for you too! 

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